“Did a fairy puke on you?”

Yes, that’s what Aya said when she saw me taking this picture. She’s a classy one, isn’t she? Haha, but I love her anyway.

(Click on the picture to view full size)

When Moxie Polano of Haute Style & Co sent me this dress (just released TODAY), I was immediately inspired. It is just so pretty, and delicate and feminine. I did feel like a fairy princess in it! Moxie is a genius when it comes to making gowns, and the prices are hard to beat. This dress comes in all layers, with 2 different skirt lengths, Masquerade mask, AND MATCHING SHOES, all for less than 500L. THAT is a steal, my friends. In fact, none of the dresses in the store are over 600L. And they are worth FAR more than that.

And don’t just take my word for it. Go to the store and check them out. This picture can’t really show you the best part of this dress and that’s the MOVEMENT of the skirt. It is so lifelike! Remember when you were a little girl and you put on a dress and all you wanted to do was twirl around? Yeah, that’s what I wanted to do in this dress. It just FLOWS.

In related news, Moxie and her partner Forda Fairlane are redoing the store in 2 weeks. It sounds exciting, and even more so for me since they will be featuring some of my photos there, so definitely go look for that!

As well, Moxie has told me that she plans to release a new gown tomorrow, so keep an eye on her blog http://hautestyleco.blogspot.com/ for what I’m sure will be another amazing creation.


~ by kristimaurer on June 20, 2008.

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