Hello from Broadmead!

Hi, my name is Aya Liotta! I am the new accessories and travel blogger here at SLimply the best. I will also be the head of several projects developing in the next few weeks. I am a photographer by trade and a fashionista at heart. I love Second Life Fashion. I am really happy to be part of the team and I think Kristi for including me in SLimply the Best as a proud staff member.

As a blogger, I am here to introduce you to the greatest accessories on the grid. I will show you how to mix and match to get the desired looks that you see on the grid’s runways, but what is my true passion? Well photography of course, my second is travel… what good is shopping unless it’s in the most beautiful, unique and amazing places on the grid. I will be taking you to Japan, the US, France, worlds created and designed by their creators and much more. Hidden shops and secret fabulous photo ops. So here we go…

Broadmead Cathedral

Downtown Streets

The Broadmead Flats

Broadmead is created by Spoo Snook of Tokyo. That is about all I know about him. A side from that Broadmead is a beautiful sim dedicated to London. With gorgeous streets adorned with small quaint shops. Broadmead offers the beauty of Armidi… minus the lag! A win, win situation if you ask me! Don’t forget to go wall climbing at the cathedral. It is one incredible experience. There is also a hidden piano… I will let you find where it is and no it is not in the piano store. So stop by take some photos and enjoy the evening at Broadmead.

I had the pleasure of meeting the creator and designer of +plus, Helena Compton on my stop by her store. Ms. Compton was a pleasure to speak to and lots of fun. I would buy one of every accessory that she has created. But for today, we will be discussing the amazing detail work in the three following accessories, the Black Pearl Earring in Dark Gold, the Special Edition Shoulder Bag in Black, and Ms. Compton’s favorite piece her Wide Bangle in Bronze. Upon arrival at +plus I was immediately floored at the quality. I quickly grabbed the Black Pearl Earring Collection, simply stunning the over sized hoops look shined from every angle. As I continues perusing through the store, none other than Ms. Compton herself popped in for a visit. We got to talking and I asked her what her favorite piece in the shop she showed me the Wide Bangle in Bronze and told me that she never takes them off, the contour in the prim and shine in the texture proved to be much more beautiful on than in the ad in the store and I was so happy to be flashing it around. Before I left I grabbed a chunky fun black purse, Special Edition. I always have stuff hanging out of my purse in real life so I thought that adding that great detail to the purse was great fun and brought a stunning realism to the piece. I give +plus and Ms. Compton a high five for quality and class. Great pieces and that makes this a must see shop!

Broadmead Purse

Sitting on the Streets of Broadmead

Later in the evening, as I was admiring my latest accessories, I got an IM from an old friend Seereina Geiger. Ms. Geiger is a real sweetie, she wanted to let me know that her long anticipated shop MekaNoiZe Labs, had finally opened! So off I TP’d. First off the build is incredible simply, stunning with a unique, original and edgy twist. It really captures a new way of shopping the pieces from the line are on mannequins that are located on a main stage. MekaNoiZe Labs is a joint effort, Seerenina Geiger, the “designer” every single ounce of her pieces is drawn by hand in… a BIC Ballpoint Pen, incredible and incredibly time consuming . The other half of this incredible duo is, the sculpty master himself, Void Redstar who creates all the prim objects, for examples laces and the build as well. I was fortunate to have the opportunity to receive on of Ms. Giegers amazing pieces the De/konstrukt Corset with the matching laces. Though Ms. Geiger’s pieces are very dramatic and edgy, I made the corset fit into any outfit by mixing it in these photos with a classic black evening out attire. In this instance I used the corset as an accent piece to the outfit to mix it up a bit.
Well all, it has been fun chatting with you! Hope you liked the post, hope you found it informative and I hope I’ll see you soon. Now back to shopping!

– Broadmead, Broadmead (107, 149, 34)
MekaNoiZe Labs:
– .:: MekaNoiZe Labs ::., Fragment (108, 126, 73)

.:: MekaNoiZe Labs ::. – De/konstrukt Corset (black)
.:: MekaNoiZe Labs ::. – De/konstrukt Corset Laces
:bijou: (option)Dazzle bra
Deviant Kitty NeoPunk II – Platinum
Alessandra : Stephanie (Nude)
GG Couture SKin Brows
+plus *Black Pearl Earring* Dark Gold(left)
+plus*Special Edition Shoulder Bag in Black*
+plus*Wide Bangle in Bronze*
:bijou: Dazzle pants
Detour – Love Lashes
HD – Gabriel Blue new serie 912


~ by ayaliotta on June 25, 2008.

2 Responses to “Hello from Broadmead!”

  1. Welcome! I love your work as a photographer and now I look forward to reading your posts about fashion! My accessories folder is huge… No problem, I’ll craete new one 🙂

  2. Well thank you so much Saba! I really appreciate that. It is really nice to know you like my work!

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