Out of My Routine : FTV

Hey everyone!

Sorry for the delay to this blog entry, I have had a constant side track of things going on. Anyway, welcome and welcome back to those of you who enjoy our blog here at SLimply the Best. Today, I am posting out of my typical “genre” accessories and whisking you over to a great clothing store. I am the accessory blogger here at SLimply the Best, but once in a while I will come across some things that I SLimply can’t resist sharing with you.

A few days ago, I was traveling through the great SL Best of the Best Boulevard. In my travels I came across many familiar faces, Indrya Originals and Tuli to name a few. I had originally headed over to SLimply shop, but as a good bloggerette always does I found a shop that just left me in awe, Frozen Turquoise Valentine. I immediately messaged the creator Valenttina Carfagno. She was so sweet and sent me over me over a few of her latest creations to share with all of you and I am beginning with the SummerindaHamptons dress in red. What an amazingly crafted piece to add to anyone’s collection. It is perfect for an afternoon of shopping, a night out with your special someone, or attending an art gallery showing. You can be sure that you will be the talk of the party.


What makes this dress so unique? The use of sculpties. This is what sets Ms. Carfagno apart from everyone else. The beading along the right hand side is a perfect and understated accent to this gorgeous dress. Each bead is perfectly sculpted and flows beautifully with the strong red tones in the dress. Also, instead of the usual flexy piece disguising the space between your legs a sculpted piece has been placed almost flawlessly. This leaves a natural flow to the dress. In short I think that developing such an amazing store and line of clothing centered around the sculpties is brilliant and I applaud Ms. Carfagno for her fine craftsmanship. This is one shop where your lindens are well spent.

Thanks so much for reading! See you all real soon!

❤ Aya

Get the Dress:
FTV : Frozen Turquoise Valentine


~ by ayaliotta on July 1, 2008.

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