The skin you’re in…

Okay, I promised a skin post, so here it is. There are so many amazing skin makers out there on the grid and I can’t even begin to list them all. A few designers have sent me some skins to try out and show you lovely people, and these are my favourites. I will say, that not all the skins I was sent are going to be on here, because I feel that if I don’t like something, I’m not going to pretend. I’m not going to say anything negative either, but they just weren’t my style.

Okay, the formalities out of the way, let’s talk about skin. (Keep in mind, these skins will look different on every avatar, because everyone has a different shape –Just like real life, OMG!– AND I’m wearing my trusty Cake Bedroom Lashes. 🙂 ) [Click on the images to view them full-size]


Mallory Cowen recently released her Tasha skins in new skin tones and she gave me a few of the Fair ones to try out. Now, everyone knows that Laqroki skins are quality. There should be no debate about that. However, because my av is like, 5000 feet tall, these skins just don’t look right on me. They are meant for a more petite avatar, someone with a more girlish look. That aside, I love them. The makeups are sooo pretty and real looking and really versatile for day or night. And look at the fullness of the lips and how detailed they are. I love these skins so much that I’m almost tempted to change my shape to fit them! And that’s saying a lot, because I HATE changing my shape. 🙂 Definitely go check these skins out if you haven’t already.




I met up with Tricky Boucher of Belleza one day at Armidi and we got to talking about skins. He’s constantly looking for ways to make his skins better, and he asked me for my opinion on these 2 skin lines, Vanessa and Ema. I told him, and I’m telling you, there is really only one word to describe these skins and that is PRETTY. They are pretty. They are young, feminine, sweet and just really really pretty. The makeups are soft and natural. I feel like putting on a frilly little dress and going for tea! If you’re the type to favour something a little more exotic and sexy, well then, these skins aren’t for you. However if you’re looking for something sweet, natural and girly, DEFINITELY run right over to Belleza and try these skins on. And hey, Tricky hangs out there quite a bit, so say hi and tell him what YOU think of the skins. 🙂

Bebae Skins

Torie Senne of BeBae skins has just returned with a new line of skins, and I had the pleasure of receiving these beauties. Now, these are a little more funky, and exotic for all you folks out there who wanna feel sexy. The makeups are all a little more darker and flashier and are good for anywhere from the catwalk to the club. They are a bit higher priced than some places, but you definitely get what you pay for. Torie really paid attention to the details and the natural shading with these skins, so I wouldn’t hesitate to pay whatever she asked. I recommend heading over there right now for a demo. Maybe you’ll see me there!

PXL Creations


Hart Laarson is a hardworking SOB, let me tell you that. If you haven’t been by his store, you have to go, if only to see the amount of skins he offers and the work that goes into them. These are his ‘Crys’ lines, and at the moment they are only available in one skin tone, but in 10 days time, he will be releasing them in a Sunkissed tone (pictured in the top left). Crys skins come in a pack of 4 skins (2 eyebrow colours and freckled/non freckled).


The Linda skins are available in a variety of skin tones, and each skin comes with a choice of black or brown eyebrows, with the exception of the dark skins. However he’s trying out a few more exotic make ups with the dark skins, as you can see.

Now, these are my favourite skins of the bunch. Hart is such an artist. He pays incredible attention to detail, so much that the feet even have veins! He does natural shadowing ALL OVER (He says “So you can be bald and still be pretty!”) and there is not a seam to be found. The nails are natural and defined and the makeups are GORGEOUS. They are currently my skin of choice. Obviously I probably won’t wear the dark skins too often, but it was fun to try them on! Although my husband said it “worked for him” which made me cock an eyebrow….Hmmm…

Hart is also working a new skin called “Cloe” that will be released soon, and I saw a preview and let me tell you, I CANNOT WAIT. It will no doubt be as beautiful as all the rest. 🙂 Run over to PXL Creations STAT.

Now, please remember, this is my opinion, and I am by no means an expert. Feel free to leave a comment, or IM me and tell me what YOU think about these skins, or let me know of any skin stores you think are better! And remember as well, that it’s all in the shape, so be sure to DEMO before you buy. 🙂

-Kristi Maurer


~ by kristimaurer on July 1, 2008.

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