Pretty things…

Some of you know that this past Saturday was my birthday, and man, did we party! I want to thank everyone that came and danced with me, and all those that wore purple just because I asked them, even though they hated it. That’s love, man. I also want to thank all of you amazing people who gave me totally fabulous gifts! You so didn’t have to! Just having you there was present enough! (Although some of the gifts came from people who couldn’t make it, and well, that’s ok then. lol) A girl couldn’t ask for a better birthday. We had an awesome DJ, Summer Deadlight, who is the most adorable, fun, spunky girl ever! I would definitely recommend her for any events you might have coming up. We danced, we sang, and heck, Gabrielle Sinatra even got next-to-naked! It was part of her gift to me and man, what a gift! You can see pictures on Gab’s flickr, but I warn you, they’re pretty damn hot. And kinda Not-Safe-For-Work.

What I want to show you though, is one of, if not my favourite present. My birthday gown. My friend Moxie Polano of Haute Style & Co., when asked if she knew of any purple gowns I could wear, said that she would make any of her gowns in purple for me. I was soo touched, and of course I picked my favourite gown from her shop, the Mystique gown. This gown normally only comes in Teal, but I just loved it so much. So basically, Moxie dropped what she was doing and worked SO hard on this amazing dress for my special day. Don’t you just love her? I do.

(Click on the image to view full size)

Anyway, this dress was made for me, but Moxie and I loved it so much that it will be available in her store for you to purchase. You have to see it in person to do it justice, because the way it moves is just amazing. It also comes with a mask, for those masquerade balls that there just aren’t enough of. And while you’re at the shop, take a walk around and see all the other amazing dresses and clothes that Moxie and her partner Forda Fairlane have created. I can’t recommend them enough. I’d own one of everything if I had enough lindens. šŸ™‚

Again, thanks to everyone for an amazing birthday. You don’t know how much it meant to me and it was a total blast!

-Kristi Maurer


~ by kristimaurer on July 10, 2008.

2 Responses to “Pretty things…”

  1. Let us know when it’s available… I was too eager and walked all around the store looking for it, before I realized you said *will* be available… hehe!

  2. I IM’d Moxie, and hopefully she’ll get back to be soon. So glad you’re interested!

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