The blonde, the black and the bad guy

Gabrielle: what should we wearing for our first picture as a team?

Cheyn: naked

Kristi: I agree!

This is how it started. That will be fun, I think!

Now for the serious stuff… (or not)

(This post will be a duo one, my part first, Cheyn’s part right after)

I am Gabrielle Sinatra, Photoshop addicted for a long time and now, fashion and shopping addicted not for long, but deep in it! And I don’t want a rehab program! I want more, I want to continue to share those two new addictions. I think this blog is a great opportunity to do it! I’m french canadian so I apologize right now for all the cute mistakes I’ll do in english. I’ll do my best but well… a froggy is a froggy!

On SL, I started to build candles. Then I did some jobs I can’t talk about here. When I was done with this the dark side of SL, I’ve been estate manager for six months. I tried RP, I bought and sold lands, I built and managed a coffee shop and a live music venue, I’ve host a lots of events, I’ve been engaged to a lovely French worm for 4 or 5 months, I’ve been loved and hated for all that I am and for all that I am not, and here I am: a busy photographer, Strawberry Fields Photos owner, Strawberry Fields Cafe owner and manager and now blogger. Why not?

I hope we’ll have fun!! 🙂

– Gabrielle


Hello Everyone.

Well as you may have seen before Gabrielle doesn’t assume the fact to pose naked so I will be the one taken the responsibility for this.

But contrary on what it said, I’m not a pervert or only with my wife but this is not the matter here (I think).

As an introduction ( I love to be introduced erm oups, please cut this part before posting).

I’m a French guy from Paris. Yeah HERE COMES the French touch. Or at least will try…

I won’t apologize for the mistakes in English for few reasons, the first one is I won’t do any mistakes (haha the joke) and the second one because I’m an ass hole (yay some people will be pleased to read this)

For the serious part, I’m here since one year now. I started chatting around, then I did some rp and since few months, I’m working as a pose/anim maker.

I started making this because a friend photographer and another friend furniture builder needed those. Now I’m still doing it because I like it and I have also the pleasure to own a small shop.

For now, I will start making some posts mostly for guys, I apologize for the ladies, but I’m more talented in undressing you than finding clothes for you. But I will do my best to please everyone !

Cya around!

– Cheyn


Kristi’s wearing:

Hair: Truth
Skin: Damiani
Lingerie: Emery

Gabrielle’s wearing:

Skin: Damiani
Lingerie: Carnal

Cheyn’s wearing:

Pants: -SG- Allusion Jeans (male) Black
Belt: ***Aura***MachoBrown Belt
Hair:-N- Cool Tones Dark – “The Outsider” –> Naughty design
Skin: *REDGRAVE* Tanned Skin 09 -Emil 3- –> Redgrave
Tatoo: [iN] Against all Authority –> Inflict

Pose: Step Up

— Gabrielle


~ by gabriellesinatra on August 1, 2008.

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