I don’t have a clever title this time…

When I think of Damiani, I think of men’s skins. I mean, my husband’s first skin was a Damiani skin, and I’m sure that 90% of SL men either have, or have demo’d, a Damiani skin. (Okay, I’m totally making that statistic up, but it sounds right, n’est-ce pas?). But did you also know that Damiani makes women’s skins? Yup, they do. In fact, one of my favourite skin lines is a Damiani skin line and it just so happens to be named after one of my favourite people, SLimply The Best’s Gabrielle Sinatra! The skin is (obviously) called Gabrielle, but that’s not what I’m here to talk to you about today. No, Pompeja Rossini and Kaoz Koba have just released their newest skin lines (male skin review coming soon, so stay tuned!) and I’ve been given the pleasure of reviewing the newly revamped ‘Michelle’ line, the ‘Michelle 2.0’.

As always, the photos are virtually untouched to show you what the skin would really look like in-world.

As always, the photos are virtually untouched to show you what the skin would really look like in-world.

First, I’ll tell you what I love about these skins. One, is the variety of make-ups available! There is something for everybody here, and for someone who likes to change her make-up to suit her mood, I was happily surprised to have so many options. Yes, some of them are a little wild, but hey, you never know when you’re gonna want to dress a little eighties, now do you? The second thing I love about these skins is the lips. I’ve noticed a trend among skin makers, and I guess this goes with the trend in Hollywood, but everyone seems to be coming out with these huge, bee-stung, collagen infused lips lately. I mean, not everyone wants to look like Angelina Jolie. I know our husbands would like us to, but let’s be realistic for a second. I love the Michelle lips because they AREN’T all puffy and Keira Knightley-pouty. They are actually normal sized for a change, and I like that. It’s refreshing.

Now, speaking of lips, here’s what I don’t like, and it’s really my only problem. If you look closely at the face, and let’s face it (no pun intended) we all do, you can see on the top lip that it does look a little unfinished. Well, maybe unfinished isn’t the word…more like, smudged maybe. It’s the most noticeable on the darker lipped makeups, but not so obvious that I wouldn’t wear the skins. And hey, maybe it’s just me for looking so closely..I tend to analyze too much. Go demo the skins and see for yourself. 🙂

Damiani also has a brand new store, and it’s huge! If you haven’t been there to check it out, you should, because it’s fabulous. It’s a huge wide-open space, well laid out and easy to navigate. And at the moment, they also have a free special edition skin for both males and females right at the entrance, so go pick it up while you still can. 🙂

Your old Landmarks won’t work, so here’s the SLURL. See you down there!

-Kristi Maurer

PS- Other than a few male skins I have yet to review, I’m running out of things to blog here, so if any designers would like me to review something, IM me in world and we’ll talk. 🙂 Also, keep in mind that if I don’t like something, I won’t blog it. I’ve only got (relatively) nice things to say. 🙂 Since this is about blogging all of SL’s best items, I will review pretty much anything, from clothes, hair, skins, shoes, furniture, poses, even builds. I mean ANYTHING. It’s all about letting people know where the quality is at.

Also, I do review men’s items, but they must be given to me no copy/trans so I can pass them to my male model. Thanks!


~ by kristimaurer on August 3, 2008.

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