Mishmash grunge style

Mini4yearsoldMe: mom? do the guy have to wear tights with their skirt?
Mom, trying hard to make me wear girlie stuff: guys usually don’t wear skirts, so no.
Mini4yearsoldMe: okay then, when I’ll be an adult, can I be a guy!?

I think she got it. I was a tomboy and I think somewhere, I still am. RL and SL, I have nothing from Barbie! Grunge/urban/whatever you call it style is what I prefer on SL. So much amazing accessories creators and clothes designers! Not only for clothes, urban sims are my favorites too. I really enjoy spending time and hang out on post-apocalyptic-dark-abandonned city-steampunk style places.

Yesterday, while I was waiting to take some pictures on a nudists paradise (no comment!) and while everybody was crashing, I got time to take some pictures of S.I.C49. The details on this sim are just amazing and I could spend hours and hours just walking around, trying to sit everywhere! This is how I found this upside down pose! šŸ˜€

The lanscapes are amazing too…

And before I get naked (nudist paradise pictures, remember?), I was wearing some of my favorites grunge/urban clothes…


S.I.C49 slurl

Naori Piercings – RaveNation

*DFD*Gabrielle_tan_smokey rose wood – Damiani

Straight hair
>FD Hair< Mia – Licorice – Frangipani Designs

Curl hair (on the first picture)
[FB] Adora – Fetish Boutique Hair

~BC~Jeanny box – Be casual

Fishnets tanktop holes – Dutch Touch
Fishnets Top Large Mesh :: DUTCH TOUCH :: – Dutch touch
WWI oopsie! bikini topĀ  ***OPEN*** BLACK – Worldwide Industries Main Store

Necklace and Cuffs
Evolution Bleeding Heart Collar-Blk – Philotic Energy
PE-MO Wrist Cuffs – Philotic Energy

PornStar Xtra Hi-Tops MultiColor v2 – Urban Bomb Unit

Have a good grungy week!

– Gab


~ by gabriellesinatra on August 5, 2008.

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