Hello … AGAIN!
In conjunction with my previous post, I want to introduce you to a new breath of fresh air in the Hair World… HEARTCORE! A couple of weeks ago a fabulous, secret agent friend of mine Mindo, disclosed some amazing information to me. She often sends me random shops she finds in her travels and thinks that you all might like, so THANK YOU MINDO! Any who, after receiving the LM I TP’d over to HEARTCORE to check out what all the fuss was about and was I ever pleased to see what she had found this time. Incredibly textured, edgy, funk, and fresh hair. I mean this hair is so realistic you could touch it. Therefore, I mark this blog post as a SL FASHIONISTA MUST OWN! She has some other products as well, but for the purpose of this blog post I will only force you to go buy the hair!


Be sure to read my previous post for a SL quick Fashionista Hint!

Thanks to everyone… OMG GO SHOP, STOP READING THIS!

Travel Destination: FREE LIMO!
SLURL to HeartCore:



~ by ayaliotta on August 9, 2008.

2 Responses to “HEARTCORE HAIR!”

  1. I love the hair but it doesn’t fit my head…bit bald spots and the hair is non-mod. I’ve moved it up, donw, sideways trying to cover the spots but then new ones appear. I’m so disappointed. I don’t think I have a huge head but I just can’t seem to get even coverage. Why make hair non-mod? Seems utterly ridiculous to me but thanks for sharing :-((

  2. OMG! I forgot to mention this I hope you read this again!

    When you put on the hair it’s well far to big for most ava’s! So touch your hair. It’s fully scripted for simple and easy adjustments! It’s the best part of the hair!

    ❤ Aya

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