More Belleza yummyness.

Well, in light of recent events (you all know what I’m talking about) I’m a little reluctant to do a skin post. However, I always choose to give people the benefit of the doubt and am not going to assume that just because someone is wrong means EVERYONE is wrong. Therefore, I will carry on and tell you about the latest gorgeousness that Tricky Boucher has to offer.

If you’ve ever used the Search function in SL, you’ve heard of Belleza. Tricky’s ad is almost always on the featured classified page, and I see it every time. Heck, if you’ve read my blog you’ve heard of Belleza, because I am nothing if not a fan of the man’s work.

It hasn’t been officially announced, but Belleza has a new female skin in stores. What I like about Tricky is that he’s very critical of his own work and is always willing to take suggestions and criticism. He has told me numerous times how unsatisfied he’s been with his past female skins and has been working hard to come up with this newest one. He’s finally satisfied and I’m glad, because this one is a beauty. Brooke, as she’s called, is only available in fair, pale, medium and sunkissed, because in true Tricky fashion, he wasn’t satisfied with the Tan tone. Just more evidence to show that if you buy from Belleza you’re guaranteed a quality product.

To me, Brooke is girly, feminine, classic. She’s ready for a night on the town, or a casual night in, and with EIGHTEEN makeups to choose from (I’ve picked a few of my favourites here) you’re bound to find something you like. The lips are natural looking (not all collagen infused like so many other skins out there) and the eyes give you that wide-eyed innocent look (I have you all fooled, don’t I?). Each skin is L$1200 for a freckled and non-freckled version and worth every linden if you ask me. Oh, and Tricky wanted me to mention the ass, because he’s very proud of it. And he should be, because the shading is awesome, and it’s definitely an ass to show off. Nude beaches, here I come!

Head down to Belleza and try on a demo! And hey, say Hi to Tricky while you’re down there! 🙂

-Kristi Maurer


~ by kristimaurer on August 10, 2008.

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