Looking out for the underdog…

EDIT: Thanks for your responses guys! We’ve got it all settled. You’re all great. 😀

Okay, I usually pride myself on staying out of drama. I think there’s a place for everything and people usually forget that. However, when I see someone being done an injustice, I have to speak up and try to help.

Many of you have heard of the new designer, Emilie Susanti, of OOPS! Fashions. I know a lot of you have either blogged or purchased her clothes in the past. Tonight, she IM’d me all upset and sent me this notecard:

I am pasting it here exactly as I received it, having only made one change that had to do with Emilie’s RL.


wednesday 13th august,
Since you told me you had no time to waste with me, i am writing this notecard to you.
I rented the shop on your sim because i thought that this place would become famous. It’s not the case. Your traffic is lower and i am the only one who brings traffic on the sim ( check that) . So i ask u to think of your price which is HUGE for only 200 prims available. 1750L!!!!!!
Please answer me via a notecard. I have a business in SL and RL as well.


Emilie SUsanti
[3:56] britt Bury: hmm you think you have a higer traffic than the club?
[3:57] britt Bury: well I sugets you move form the sim,,, cause you are clearly not pleased,,and I am tired of you complaining,,,
[3:57] britt Bury: so so I think we end it here


For those of you wondering, that’s 1750L a WEEK! For 200 prims! Now, obviously Emilie needs a new place to set up shop. Here’s where you come in. If anyone out there has or knows of a sim that is decently priced and can help Emilie out, please contact her or me in-world. People shouldn’t be allowed to treat others like this, and we need to do our bit to help out the underdogs in this world.

Ok, that’s my quota of drama for the month. I’ve been good, I even stayed out of the whole PXL/Laqroki drama for the most part! 😀 Thanks for reading, [Tim Gunn voice], Carry on.

-Kristi Maurer


~ by kristimaurer on August 13, 2008.

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