Gimme some cubes !!!

Hello people, this is Cheyn this time!!!!

Today I want to play lego with you!!!! heh lucky you haha !!!

Nah I’m kidding, today we are going to blog Cubic!!!

The shop is owned by Mirai jun who comes from Japan!

The shop is simply amazing, very nice clothes mostly for women!!! But men aren’t forgotten!

The main caracteristic of the shop is the clothes in full prim. Forget all the layers in your inventory!!! Here you will have one layer then the entire cloth is in prim! It gives a very realistic result as you will see.

Dresses, hat, towels, complete outfit, tops, pants and affiliates. A large is available for womens, but men do also have some products there! Specially awesome jackets!!

However as it is in full prim, it takes times to adjust the clothes. And it may be difficult specially for you ladies, concerning your lovely curves! (I know you don’t like them so much but I can assure men loves :p)

Now lets begin!!!

We took three pictures with gab to show some outfits comming from there, I hope you will enjoy them as we did doing the pictures!

The first picture:

Gab is wearing:

!_Ce Cubic effect Fandango(White_right Gray)

* 0 Style * Ayase *(Raven)_M

-Belleza- Brooke sk 18

Cheyn is wearing:

!_Ce_Cubic effect Long length Jeans

M.R.M. Surf Accessory Set *Mixed Wood Metal* (Charcoal Gray)

*REDGRAVE* Tanned Skin 09 -Emil 3-

-N- Cool Tones Dark – “The Outsider”

The second picture:

Gab is wearing:
!_Ce Cubic effect Wrap tank mini dress(Red)

booN UZU22 hair black big

-Belleza- Brooke sk 17

Cheyn is wearing:

!_Ce Cubic effect Cleric shirt for men(Brown)

:sey “turquoisexcrest”

The third picture:

Gab is wearing:
!_Ce_Cubic effect Halterneck(Beige)
!_Ce_Cubic effect Tiered skirt(Brown)

>FD Hair< Mia – Espresso

-Belleza- Brooke sk 15 freckles

Cheyn is wearing:

!_Ce_Cubic effect Full Sculpted Jacket for men(Black)

And there you go people!!!

I enjoyed playing cubes with you but thats enough for now *grins*

Have a nice day and see you soon!!!



~ by cheynlane on August 19, 2008.

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