Strawberry Fields & Step Up Poses Party, Hunt and Contest!

Stawberry Fields and Step Up Opening Party

Hunt Ad

Strawberry Fields & Step Up Poses Party, Hunt and Contest!

Hey Folks! Wow, we have a ton going on tomorrow (the hair fair will still be there next week, take a break)! Strawberry Fields Cafe & Art Gallery and Step Up Poses are having their grand re-opening party!

We have a few different events going, so I’ll give you a brief summary here.

The Party

From 12 -2 we’ll have the LIVE musical stylings of Yan Etzel, an amazing guitarist definitely not to be missed.
Then, from 2-4, we’ll have the hot new hits from DJ Summer Deadlight ! She’ll be spinning and we’ll be dancing!

Throughout the party, we’ll be having random giveaways of prizes from the cafe and shop, and there’s nothing you have to do except be there! Oh yeah, and wear red. Like a strawberry, get it?

The Hunt

As well as the party, starting at 12 noon, we’ll be having a hunt! There are some amazing prizes out there to be found, and this is not your average hunt. These are all items sold in stores, and they will NOT be easy to find. The parcel is half the sim, and they are spread all over, so be prepared to look high and low!

A few examples of things to be found:
– Tuli’s new Elizabeth skin (1 makeup)
– Gift Certificate from primOptic
– Jewelry and clothes from Canimal
– Menswear from Slink (yes, you boys can play too!)
– Male AND Female skins from Belleza
– Poses from Cheyn Lane of Step Up Poses (of course)
– Gift Certificate for 1 profile photo from Gabrielle Sinatra (check out her flickr!)
– A full living room set from JJ Lanes furniture

….and many, many more! There’s something to be found for everyone, so tell all your friends!

*If you’re interested in contributing something to the hunt, please contact me TODAY.

The Photo Contest

Finally, since this is a Photo Gallery, we’re having a photo contest!

The rules:
Best Picture taken at the opening!
-Must be taken at the Strawberry Fields Cafe or Step Up Shop.
-Must show the location, or “the spirit” of the cafe or shop.

Since there will no doubt be lag at the party, we’ll give you all the whole weekend to get your shots into the flickr group. Gabrielle, Cheyn and I will choose a winner on Monday. Please post your entries into the Cafe Flickr Group before Monday morning. 🙂

The prize? L$3000! Only 1 winner, winner takes all!
Now there’s a full half sim to take pictures on, so I want to see some amazing shots! Good luck all!

Well, I think that’s enough to get excited over, don’t you think? This is going to be an awesome event and we’d like to thank everyone who had a part in helping us organize it. Especially to our builder and friend (and coffee maker!) Belmakor Pintens, who had a few sleepless nights (and 1 more to come!) building this awesome place for us (he even braved a hurricane!). We couldn’t have done it without him, so thanks Bel. We heart you. 😀

Hope to see you all there! Here’s the SLurl.

-Kristi Maurer

ps- Don’t hesitate to contact me (IM, Flickr, comments, whatev) if you have any questions or would like to help out in any way.


~ by kristimaurer on August 22, 2008.

3 Responses to “Strawberry Fields & Step Up Poses Party, Hunt and Contest!”

  1. Sorry Kristi, it’s not all tones, it’s a makeup in the sunkissed tone with eyebrow colors and freckle versions.

  2. You’re right, Tuli, my bad. 🙂 Thanks!

  3. […] party, the hunt, AND the photo contest start in an hour and a half! All the details can be found HERE. Yes, the SLurl is there […]

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