Mission Accomplished.

Hey guys! I just wanted to do a little update on things. ๐Ÿ™‚

First off, our hunt was a CRAZY success! At one point, we had 76 people on the sim, and that was AFTER it crashed! We had a lot of fun and we’d like to thank everyone for coming.

However, we’ve been getting a lot of IMs and notecards and people on the blogs complaining about how we ended the hunt early. This is not true. Originally, and as I stated in this blog numerous times, the hunt was only supposed to go on as long as we were partying, which was planned from 12-4. Well, we ended up partying until about 8 o’clock and the sim was still packed with people, so we decided to extend the hunt until the next morning to give everyone a chance. When we woke up, we were swamped with notecards and IMs about people cheating and complaining about script errors, or asking us for hints that we finally decided the hunt had run it’s course. Then people got angry.

HEY. We were doing you guys a favour here, by asking all of our friends to donate FREE items to you guys, and it was a lot of work and organization. AND we kept it on longer to be fair. Let’s stop with the bitching and complaining and play nice, ok? I hope everyone had a chance to at least try the hunt, and yes, it was hard for a reason. We were giving away some pretty quality items, and didn’t want to make it TOO easy for you. It’s a challenge, love it, embrace it, and stop whining. ๐Ÿ™‚

If you didn’t get a chance to try the hunt, well, I’m sorry. We really tried, but unfortunately we can’t please everyone. I would like to, but I’d rip out my hair trying. ๐Ÿ™‚

That being said, we at Strawberry Fields would like to thank our amazing friends who came through for us and donated some awesome hunt prizes and hid them in some pretty difficult places! They are, in no particular order:

-Pompeja Rossini @ Damiani

-Gabrielle Sinatra @ Strawberry Fields Photos

– Tya Fallingbridge @ Pixel Mode

– Cheyn Lane @ Step Up Poses

– Nibb Tardis @ primOptic

– Siddean Munro @ SLink

– Aurora Jacks @ JJ Lanes Furniture

– Ray Zymurgy @ Digital Dreams Furniture

– Tricky Boucher @ Belleza

– Tuli Asturias @ TULI

– Canimal Zephyr @ Canimal

– Chablis Kinsella @ Southern Creations

And a big thank you to Summer Deadlight, Yan Etzel and everyone who came out and partied with us for almost 8 hours! We had a blast and we couldn’t have done it without you!

Also, don’t forget about our photo contest that ends tonight! You could win 3000L! Just take a picture at the sim and submit it to our flickr group for your chance to win!

Carry on, and make it work!

-Kristi Maurer


~ by kristimaurer on August 24, 2008.

4 Responses to “Mission Accomplished.”

  1. I want to say thank you for having such an awesome hunt. I’m happy that you had it for as long as you had, I thought I had missed out last night and then found out it was still going on so I rushed over. I didn’t find all of the berries, but what I did find had very lovely gifts. Thank you to all the designers that participated and thank you to Strawberry Fields for giving us this hunt ^-^

  2. Kristi the hunt was fabulous, but the party was the best part! And to all the designers who were kind enough to donate goodies for us strawberry hunters to find!

  3. I am definitely in the YEAH side of the stadium here. I never planned on looking ALL the berries but was very happy with many of the things I found and posted again this morning about the primOPtic glasses. What fun and so nice. I thought the hunt was over at 4 and posted that on my original blurb. I just went over to check this morning and was surprised to see things still there. AND happened to be there when the 30 minute call was announced. I didn’t stay. I have plenty of stuff – LOL but thought both the hunt and the locale was great. Thanks so much and sorry people are being pains. And congrats on your success! I am sure there are many more grateful and happy people out there than complainers. Like when did Phil’s Place ever work PERFECTLY?!?!?!? Cheers.

  4. The Hunt was great fun, I am glad my time zone fitted in with it. It’s such a shame for some to complain, sort of takes the sheen off a bit. Nevermind, there will always be some ungrateful people, just leave them behind ๐Ÿ™‚ And thanks very much for the kind donations of prizes to all concerned, I love my slink shoes ๐Ÿ˜€

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