A letter to Bloggers…

Dear fellow Fashion Bloggers [edit: sorry, REVIEWERS then],

Ladies (and a few gentlemen), we need to talk. I’ve been thinking about this for a while and I’ve decided to express my concern to the few of you who will read this (It doesn’t have any pretty pretty pictures, so that means only about 5 of you will stop scrolling by it).

People, what is happening to us SL bloggers? We’ve gotten lazy. We’ve become uninspired. We’ve become *gasp* boring. I will admit I’m guilty of the same lately, but I was planning the Strawberry Fields Cafe opening, so what’s your excuse? What happened to actually reviewing fashion? Each day , several times a day, I eagerly open up the feeds in the (naive) hope that there will be something new released, or someone will be reviewing something I didn’t know about before. Instead, I see piles upon piles of freebies (which is good, if you’re a newbie [edit: or someone who doesn’t or can’t spend money in SL ]and need some free stuff, so keep on keeping on, freebie finders), posts announcing contests that are so far away that by the time they come around we’ll all have forgotten about them (except those that make the SAME post every single day, which is annoying, so STOP), or the same person announcing the same new release every 20 minutes.Every day there’s this blogger fighting with that blogger, or this designer stealing from another. PEACE, baby, peace.  And Look of the Day…what is up with that? Yes, you’re stylish, and I even like looking at the credits to see if something catches my eye that I might not have, but can you seriously call yourself a blogger if you’re just posting pictures? And I’m not talking about anyone in particular here, ladies, so retract the claws. Also on that note, if you’re given a new release by a designer who expects you to say something nice about their product and then you just post pictures of it and give SLurls, why are you calling yourself a fashion reviewer? You’re not reviewing anything, you’re acting as a catalog!

Reviewers are supposed to give their opinions. I hate the phrase “let the pictures speak for themselves”. If I wanted to just see what it looked like on a picture, I would go to a store and look at the vendor! And for that matter, if I just wanted a list of SLurls, I could just stand around Armidi and right-click-inspect everyone (which I do anyway:P).  If you’re calling yourself a fashion reviewer, I want to know your opinion! What do you think of the items that the designers are generously giving you for free? Regardless of what you might think, designers like to know whether people like their items or not. It’s just like in photography- I get a little thrill every time I see someone has commented on a photo I just uploaded. Everyone likes compliments, and you know, even designers want criticism. How are they going to get any better if people don’t give their opinions?

Now, I know I’m not going to make any friends with this post, but here’s what I propose- Let’s put some thought into our blogs. Let’s stop posting every 5 minutes unless we actually have something interesting to say. Let’s post more than just pictures of ourselves looking stylish. Let’s give the designers some feedback so that they might actually WANT to release new items. Let’s stop bitching and complaining about each other because, after all, we’re all in this together. Let’s all stop posting about the same thing (we get it, the Hair Fair is laggy and has lots of hair, who’d a thunk?). Let’s NOT post the same post once a day for a week. Let’s be original, thought-provoking, let’s be interesting.

It’s really not that hard. I know it will take some getting used to, not posting everytime you blow your nose, but use that extra time to maybe find something different to say, or explore some other places in SL you might not have seen. Look at flickr for some ideas. Read someone else’s blog. Go build something. Contribute! Come on people, let’s get back to actually reviewing fashion instead of just being amateur photographers.


Kristi Maurer


~ by kristimaurer on August 27, 2008.

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  1. omg thank you so much this is something that needed to be said! i’m getting totally sick of even looking at the feed due to all these look of the day posts… i want them to say something!

  2. Well yes this is a matter of great controversy. Is now and was half a year ago. And I’m quite sure a year ago as well:P But I do admit, the feed has gotten considerably more boring then it was a year ago. At least I have a clear concience in that – I did review when I blogged. But even then there weren’t that many who did. And now it’s getting more and more hard to find someone to send my stuff who would actually *gasp* say something about it. As a matter of fact, now looking things from a designers point of view, another word for the bloggers – if you get sent something, at least be polite enough to react. If you don’t like what you got, fine, say so. Not all on the grid can be everyones cup of tea. Understandable. Plus yes, there can be quality issues etc. Speak up, ladies! It is unbelieveably rude to just ignore people. Thank you, got that off my chest:)

    Anyway other than that, I do dearly wish that the bloggers who do real reviews would blog more often. I know they often get discouraged and unmotivated, I wish it wasn’t so. All of you who do say more then “woooooo ooooooo oooo aye piccy speakz 2u”, you have my deepest admiration and you do make the feed worth reading so keep on going! There are loooooads who want you!

    Thanks for posting this and letting me rant a bit (though it’s not like you had a choice:P)

    Take care!:)

  3. I think everyone should do be able to do what makes them happy – whether that means “acting as a catalog”, simply posting daily looks with SLURLs, whatever. We are all posting in our own space, on our own blogs. If someone doesn’t like what is on a blog, they don’t have to read it. It’s that easy.

    I like what you do and I think it’s great of you to express your opinion, but I would like to nitpick one thing. You started this post as “A letter to Bloggers”, but then address “fashion reviewers.” Many bloggers think of themselves as just that, bloggers, nothing more and nothing less. Fashion bloggers, perhaps, as I like to think of myself. Perhaps there is a little more leeway if we look at it that way.

    Plus, there’s nothing wrong with amateurs – we all start someplace. 🙂

  4. Pot, the kettle called. Isn’t this blog doing exactly what your are complaining about? Honestly, do we need another blogger complaining about another blogger blog?

    The look of the day can be useful to those who maybe have no fashion sense and didn’t think of pairing A with B until they saw it on that blog. They loved the look. They ran off to that shop to buy the items featured in that look. Now all the designers shown in that particular look benefit.

    Picture do speak for themselves. I can see if something is beautiful and I can see if something is crap. I don’t need flowery words to tell me what I can see for myself.

  5. […] wanted to post this here rather than as a response to Kristi Maurer’s article, because I was truly upset with some of her ideas. NOT for myself, but for the designers […]

  6. Excellent post! As a designer I do like good pictures, but in this case, words are much better than pictures! I will not say much more, because you already said enough! We need better posts with good reviews, more criativity and yes! some good pictures too!


  7. I have to agree with you and doing that will most likely put me on the crap list for some bloggers too. I have a blogging partner and we try very hard not to blog right after each other. If we both have something to blog that day we wait several hours in between to do our posts.

    On the subject of review copies, I do get a few, but it seems that a lot a designers, especially the more popular ones stick with only certain bloggers when they send out new items. That makes it hard for the newer people to break into those cliques. I know that many only wish to have the popular girls blogging their stuff and don’t even pay attention to the requests of the newer bloggers out there. It’s hard to ask for something when you are made to feel not worthy and like you are being greedy. I am very greatful to those designers out there that have offered me items to review and I do my best to review them in a timely manner.

    lol I’m sure my comments now won’t win me friends with a few bloggers and a few designers but that’s fine :p

  8. Elle, I have to respond to you here. You’ll notice in that post that I did mention that I myself am guilty of most of the things I was talking about too, which is why I used the collective “we” in the post. I want US to do better, not just everyone else. I was expressing an opinion, and hey, I’m entitled to that, aren’t I?

  9. I’m really pleased you’ve said this, Kristi – the feed has become so tiresome of late, and I think the lack of personality or personal conviction in blog posts (at least in the non-OMGThief!) is a major contributor.

    Checking out someone’s personal style is great, and if your actual SL time is limited, or your computer is allergic to the new client release, it’s a good way to see new releases worked in a way that even the designer hadn’t imagined yet. If there’s someone who’s style you’re particularly enamored with (Aradia back in the day, Achariya now), they can point you in great new directions.

    What those two bloggers offered in addition to their great pictures, though, was a commentary – sometimes a story, sometimes a review, sometimes an elaboration on a mood – that was well-written (and grammatically correct!) and gave a sense of the person behind the avi. Their posts have (had) authority and charm.

    For my part, I blog, but irregularly, so I rarely receive goods from designers as I’m not ‘known’ (which is of no real concern to me, as I’ll only buy what I like). I’m not adverse to pointing out flaws as I see them, but on the whole, if I’m spotlighting a designer, it’s because I truly love their work. I do occasionally like to revel in my own pretty pictures, but I take hours photoshopping them to really enhance a mood or an item (at least, that’s the aim) and I’ve always tried to pair it with a commentary that, if not instructive, is at least witty.

    I miss the real writers with fashion blogs who have one by one gone silent – inworld magazines drive me crazy as I wish the same effort was made at blogging level.

  10. I remember when I blogged sort of regularly. A lot of my own time and my own money was invested in my blog, with no ads on my site to help support my habit. The same applies to most other bloggers. And you know what? I say that entitles us however we see fit.

    Some days I felt like doing more in depth write-ups; I’d discuss primwork, textures, stuff I liked about pieces, stuff I thought readers should know before buying like whether a certain pair of shoes might not fit if they’ve got a certain amount of body thickness etc. Other days, I felt like mostly pics would suffice.

    It’s ALL good.

    I think bloggers should blog however the hell they feel like blogging without constantly having to worry about what their ‘peers’ will think. This kind of policing mentality where someone thinks they know what’s best for everyone else is a real turn-off.

  11. That’s a valid point, Melanie, but if you were a designer and you gave someone something for free and all they did was post 2 words and a picture, would you be satisfied with that? I know I wouldn’t. In fact, I’d remember for next time not to give them anything.

  12. Yes, I would be happy. I’ve been happy with, and grateful for, every single instance in which any of the items from my store have had some kind of mention.

    Blogging takes up time — some have more of it than others, they put aside whatever amount of it that they can for their blog. So yes, whether they give me two words or two paragraphs? I’m happy that they felt it warranted ANY amount of their time.

  13. Okay, then I stand corrected. I have a different opinion, myself, but I understand yours and think you make a valid point.

  14. Great post Ms. Maurer! For me personally, I’m a blogger that sometimes does reviews. I blog what I like, I blog because I love making pretty pictures, I blog because I get to meet all sorts of interesting people I normally wouldn’t have met while working on my build platform. I really enjoy the diversity of all the different styles that every blogger brings to the feed.

    As far as the look of the day, I mourn MichaMi every day, she is the master at putting things together and coming up with THE look…like every single day…what the hell?! TRUE CONFESSION: I used to save her pics and wear her compilations weeks later hoping everyone thought they were MY ideas. ha! If anyone asked, I would always give her credit 🙂

    Are there some blogs I scroll past? Sure. Are there some that I have marked on my Google reader because I don’t want to miss a word they say on the feed? A resounding yes! I think it’s all personal preference but I’m glad we’re all different 😉

  15. As a merchant I don’t mind just pictures. Mostly because my stuff is fine jewelry (I am starting on clothing but anyway) and well… I’m an accent, not the main show. And I’m probably one of the blogs you were thinking about when writing this.
    I have to say though I’m working on a solution to all the dilution on the feed. metavirtual.us will be a feed portal. It will PWN. I just need to get my ass to modifying some php. Secondly, I post about jira issues, I posted recently about the new AR categories, I also post pictures of stuff I wear or like. And I post my new releases. Second Life to me is not just fashion, despite the fact I run a store. My husband is a client developer and I am a hardcore computer nerd so I do think of the technical side of things alot. And because I’m on the fashion feed I try to not blog about it, but it’s hard. I’m more than just jewelry and I won’t apologize for my posts- they are important to all residents and merchants when I do post technical stuff.

    However, I see your frustration with the feed and raise you a solution- give me time, I promise it’ll come.

    holy tl;dr. 😦 sorry.

  16. Kess, honestly I wasn’t thinking of anyone in particular, really. I was just thinking of how I feel when reading the feed as a whole. I wasn’t singling anyone out, and I even said so in my post.

    That being said, I respect your right to feel you have to defend youself. Really, all I wanted with this post was some healthy debate and maybe some solutions, and you’ve done both, so yay! for you.

    And it wasn’t tl;dr, cuz I did read it. 😛

  17. I am not really sure what irks me more about your post Kristi, your attempt at belittling look-of-the day bloggers (like me), or your insisting that if someone calls them self a review blogger then they are obligated to do something other then present the items and describe them. True that may bot be a review, but really, when a designers sends you a package labled “Review Copies”, then that is what we call them.
    As for a designer suggesting that giving someone review copies and then not having them blogged, or commented on is rude, I find that increadibly self-centered. I recieve dozens of items from friends and designers, sometimes daily, and I am explicit that I do not do review blogging, but if I can (before crashing) thank them for sending them, that is maybe the best I can do.
    I do one look a day, sometimes two if I have oodles of time, but my life is not my blog, I DJ, run a club and SIM, and write for an in-world magazine, not to mention RL and spending time with friends and family. If someone sends me a review copy, I say thank-you, but honestly, I don’t have time to try on everything I get, let alone make a post on it, and I don’t have time nor the personality to IM the Designer and give them negative feedback.
    While I agree that the feed is laking some of the personality it once had, I don’t think it’s fair to slag on “Review” Bloggers, if they were paid by some agency to do the reviews, then it would be more appropriate for them to thumbs up and thumbs down, but as none of us are in this for the money (non-existent) or the stuff (more then most could wear in years), blogs are personal things, and what I feel I want to write about when I share my look of the day is not only about pretty pictures or self-love, it is about documenting my evolving personal style.
    ~ Ketsy

  18. Hi ppl 🙂 I must say i agree word for word with what Melanie says…I am a designer and give alot of bloggers my review packs. Some review it, some don’t. Some post a picture with a lm, some don’t. I think its indeed ALL GOOD. Bloggers do what they want…for me its all fine 🙂 (no offense btw Kristi! <3)

    HOWEVER, what i AM tired and sick about, is to see the feed turning into some fighting battle field. Thats what i get tired of, such and such is blaming so and so, sneers to eachother and complaining. With that i DO agree Kristi…

    But think about it, if we see something on the feed disturbing us for whatever reason..we just scroll past it, right? Works fine for me 🙂

    Peace and ❤
    SySy 🙂

  19. I think the feed would be more interesting and work better and make people happier, etc. etc. if only the teaser were posted and so the post on the feed was short and took up no more than half a screen. Fortunately for me, my blog is not directly on the feed so I add to the feed through I heart SL and can limit what I put on the feed to one photo and a paragraphy inviting people to click through if they want more. Not everyone can do that, though, because of technological glitches, so if there’s one that’s not interesting to me and goes on for 3 or 4 page downs, I chalk it up to the price we pay for having a feed that draws from such a wide pool.

    As to the rest, I don’t know where I fall in your description of blogs you don’t like, but since my posts are mainly about how I like to mix and match and pull apart outfits – not wear them out of the box – i guess i am a look of the day blogger. Too bad. Page down, it’s the price you have to pay for having a feed that draws from a wide pool.

  20. Wow. Ok. I rarely, rarely will leave a comment on a blog, but your post was clearly aimed at firing people up (I think “Now, I know I’m not going to make any friends with this post…” is indicative of that), so comment I will.

    First of all, I like to think I actually blog, but I have to tell you….a lot of readers don’t care for endless discussions about items of clothing they can see for themselves, and I can’t say I blame some of them. A blog post that rattles off why a piece of clothing is so awesome on such and such a blogger that becomes an “It’s all about me” thing doesn’t interest me. Trying to balance text with quality pictures is somewhat of an art form and I am an avid reader of those on the feed who do it well. Like SySy says, it’s really easy to scroll past the “catalogs,” or anything you don’t care for.

    “Instead, I see piles upon piles of freebies (which is good, if you’re a newbie and need some free crap, so keep on keeping on, freebie finders)…”

    I blog freebies and I’m not a newbie. I’m a law student who is on a tight budget, but thanks for lumping me in with the newbies who need some “free crap.” I appreciate it when a designer puts out a quality freebie and I like to share it when I find something truly worth blogging about. Many great designers use freebies as a marketing tool and to reward loyal customers. Are you suggesting that when someone like Tuli gives away some skins as a gift, or Katat0nik makes an extremely well designed dress available for $1L, they’re only good for newbies (and apparently people like me) who need free crap?

    To be fair, there are arguably way too many freebie blogs out there now on the feed, but why not address that with the owner of the feed or within a forum instead of backhandedly bitch-slapping?

    I also don’t criticize designers when I’m blogging because I simply won’t blog something that’s poorly made. I don’t see how blogging something that you’re going to rip apart is really all that constructive. The only time I’ve personally ever been interested in reading something like that is when a designer charges an astronomical amount of lindos for something not all that well-made, and I appreciate a “buyer beware.” Otherwise, I think the attitude could easily breed drama instead of constructive criticism.

    As a fellow blogger, I would have loved a post that was encouraging instead of a put down to the hours I devote to a post mixing the “free crap” with a few carefully chosen full-priced items. It’s really hard not to take this personally. Perhaps next time you will choose your words a little more carefully.

  21. Everyone is too sensitive. :\

  22. If you’re a blogger, and you want review copies of my stuff, just ask…either IM me, or email me or drop me a notecard. If it’s not your taste, or you don’t feel like you can say anything positive about it at all, just let me know and send it back. If you blog it, let me know so I can take a snapshot of the post and frame it on my wall! hah

    I’m a new designer trying to get my name out there. I’ve been told the blogs are the way to do it, but so far, I’ve not recieved one response from the tons of review copies I sent out, so it leaves me having to guess why I haven’t heard anything back. I’ve been blogged on a few freebie blogs, and made it to the fashion feed from one of those freebie blogs, and for that I’m very, very grateful.

    I”m no Nonna Hedges, no Simone!, no Armidi by any stretch, but I’ve been told my stuff is pretty good. I don’t expect to be blogged just cause I give out review copies.

    Anyway, rambled enough. Just the words of one little, new designer trying to make it in an oversaturated market with an economy that is not real because anyone can print his own money.


    But I’m serious, drop me the addy of your blog, and your character name, and what outfit you’d like to try out, and I’ll send you a copy …. It’s not like it costs me anything to give out review copies anyway. My shops are listed in my profile, both under picks and classifieds. 🙂

    Thanks for reading!

  23. Normally I don’t comment on these types of posts, but as I don’t personally do “reviews” and have a look-of-the-day based blog I feel like I want to say some things. First of all, I think you probably mean for this post to be constructive but I also think you could (and should) look at things from more perspectives. I haven’t featured a single “review copy” on my blog to this point, in fact I hardly ever receive any since I’ve stated that’s not the kind of blog I want. The things you see on the blog are always things I like, usually love – if I don’t like an item I don’t feel a need to say that, and I think the fact that I bought and blogged an item is in itself a positive hint to the creator. Being a blogger and being a reviewer are very different things in my book.

    A whole lot of time and effort goes into personal style/ look of the day blogs and freebie blogs with good quality items as well (my hat goes off to anyone who is able to prove there’s a way to be really stylish for free). Putting together an outfit with items by 10-15 different creators shouldn’t be belittled at all, it takes a certain type of skill just like writing up a review does and it takes time, but perhaps not in Word or Pages. Maybe some blogs are supposed to serve as a source of inspiration and not information – more like “wow, I would never have thought of wearing it like that” instead of “wow, I would never have noticed that seam”. Look at RL fashion blogs, do they usually “review” garments? No, not really. It can be a way for readers to stay up to date with what is happening in the fashion world and the people in it, to get recommendations or stay in the know about what’s “hot”/what’s not without doing the research that usually goes into that, etc. etc. Some bloggers on the feed don’t even speak english but have a great sense of style – what makes those posts worth less of anyone’s time, really? Why shouldn’t they be called bloggers as well?

    Some people prefer reviews, some people prefer the personal twist. When speaking for myself I can say I don’t enjoy reading reviews (I know a lot of people do though) but appreciate the people who take the time to do that too. When it comes down to it I think SL fashion blogs are about the community, creators and consumers who all love fashion and have different ways of showing it and sharing it. I love the variety and when it all holds a certain standard I think it should be embraced and encouraged.

    Anyway, another thing that should be encouraged is people voicing their opinions and as much as I don’t agree with most of the things said in your post I can still find it rather refreshing. Hopefully it won’t be discouraging for too many people.

  24. Aww, Phoe, I know! Especially since I said I wasn’t talking about anyone in particular AND I wasn’t bashing, or calling people untalented or whatever. I was simply saying that the feeds have gotten boring!

    Methinks the ladies doth protest too much…

  25. Okay a few additional thoughts. To start with, when I read this I had no idea that it might turn into a slapfest heh.

    So about freebie bloggers – way to go girls! That is a good thing you’re doing and everything is flowery. As I see it, the point isn’t so much about people blogging freebies but too many people blogging freebies.

    About being polite – if being polite and expecting the same in return is self centered then it’s no wonder where the world has ended up at. I will rephrase and hope this time it will be clear what I mean. I do not expect anyone to review me just because I sent them something. But I do like to get a reaction. By that I don’t mean you have to write me an essay about what you liked or did not like, a simple thank you and notification of whether you will blog it or not will do. And if you’re so incredibly popular and busy that you don’t even try on the things you get, well I’m pretty sure what you achieve with that is lose the designers you don’t bother to check out. Not that you care but eventually it will add up. And trust me, I know what a popular bloggers day looks like, I was one.

    Someone mentioned about new bloggers not getting a foot on the door. Well it’s true that designers usually stick with the ones they know because it’s a huge load of frustration to shuffle out endless review copies and never know. So once it’s settled who does what and how, people stick to it. So if you’re new, what I do suggest is ask for copies. Don’t be shy, ask. If it’s any help in asking, designers don’t bite and if they do, they won’t remember you for the next 50 years to come. If they do give out review copies in the first place, you stand a very good chance of getting one. And who knows, you might the be the next one in that “circle”. What a dreadful word that. But okay.

    I won’t make friends with this either. So what. I’ve never been a mean person and I don’t do drama from no angles. Just voicing an opinion my friends already know and to those here worried about losing popularity – who cares about those you don’t know yet. Your existing friends know you enough and care enough to stand by you whatever little debate in a blog. So don’t worry so much:) And as for me, I found quite a few people who have interesting thoughts here:)

  26. @ Shir –
    “About being polite – if being polite and expecting the same in return is self centered then it’s no wonder where the world has ended up at. I will rephrase and hope this time it will be clear what I mean. I do not expect anyone to review me just because I sent them something. But I do like to get a reaction. By that I don’t mean you have to write me an essay about what you liked or did not like, a simple thank you and notification of whether you will blog it or not will do.”

    I never said expecting people to be polite was self-centered, I meant that expecting people to drop everything and start cycling through folders of outfits to give you feedback is perhaps asking a lot. If I use the items I am sent in my blog, that is feedback in the best way I know how. Not blogging something does not mean I don’t appreciate review copies, or think they are substandard in any way, far from it — it simply means I don’t have time to blog everything. I am sorry if that offends you so very much. Perhaps the word Self-Centered was harsh. I always thank people for dropping review copies on me, and try to work them in to my look of the day if I can. I never request review copies, and if I did then I am certain a level of reciprocity would be in order. But since I sometimes log to capped messages and several new folders of clothing, I can’t possible blog them all in my ONE look of the day.

    as for your comment regarding popularity:

    “And if you’re so incredibly popular and busy that you don’t even try on the things you get, well I’m pretty sure what you achieve with that is lose the designers you don’t bother to check out. Not that you care but eventually it will add up. And trust me, I know what a popular bloggers day looks like, I was one.”

    I do not think that popularity has anything to do with it. I never said I was popular, just busy, and limited in time. How does that make me the self-centered one? Am I obliged to blog thing simply becuase they are sent? Is it my responsibility to drop everything and look at everything I am sent? If all I did was blog, then maybe I could see it as a bigger issue. But I am not busy galavanting about it review copies without crediting the people who supplied them to me, I am managing an entire SIM and shopping mall, a nightclub, I event plan, I try to make clothes for my little shop, I write for an in-world publiocation, I DJ regularly, and I blog. I do not live to blog, it was and is a hobby, some people appreciate it, and if they don’t that’s just fine with me, I don’t expect everyone to love my blog, my sense of style, or my writing. This list does not equal popular, it just means I have my hands full. “Lose designers” I don’t check out? I do care, only becuase I never mean to offend anyone. It would be unfortunate if someone felt slighted becuase I did not have time to look at what they have sent me, with an inventory over 35K, things get put into folders and time permitting will be looked at. I have never given anyone the impression that I will blog them, that is not something I can gaurantee. I have always been totally comfortable buying everything I have ever worn on my blog, and only in the last few months have recieved review copies at all, unsolicited yet very much appreciated, but certainly not expected. I will still put my hard earned lindens down to buy the things I adore, and if that means that people will stop sending me review copies then I will accept it.

    Shir, on a personal note, I would never hold someones opinion about blogging, or bloggers against them, I don’t choose my friends solely based on their opinions on one subject, and I do not make snap judgements. I am certain my comments are not always popular with everyone, if I agreed with everyone there would be no point is commenting would there? Having a different
    opinion is what makes people worth knowing, as long as people are not hateful, offensive, or cruel, then I am willing to hear what they have to say.

    ~ Ketsy

  27. Aha yes okay I see where this went off with you and me. Seems we have a misunderstanding with the polite thing. I understood you from your previous post that you meant that waiting a reaction is self centered. And it seems you understood I expect them to blog me. To clear this up, I actually did mean that I just expect them to say thank you and tell me if they blog it or not. I don’t even need reasons if not. I meant it’s rude to just ignore someone like that. And it seems to me we don’t really have a difference in opinions there by your last comment. Which should wrap this up, why argue if we agree heh.

    Yes about the popularity thing, there I made a presumption and I’m sorry about that, you seemed sort of snappy and so very popular and busy blogger heh. I know how insane it is to juggle several things at once, I dropped blogging for that. Anyway, maybe it would be easier for you to not take review copies? I mean you know the word among designers spreads and if they don’t hear from you, they don’t come back and quite often tell their friends too. So if you don’t have time for them, maybe just ask when you’re interested in a particular thing but generally not accept the loads they send. Just a friendly thought.

    Quite honestly I like having friends who do not always agree with me. But who on the same time can tell a difference between a fight and a discussion:P I find it enlightening to hear what other thoughts there are. Makes life more interesting:)

    So anyway we came off on the wrong foot with this one but I hope you understood what I meant now.

    Oh yes and a last general note: I actually quite like look of the day posts, I can find interesting snippets there, jewelry or little things like that that people regularily don’t bother to blog on their own:)

  28. “And Look of the Day…what is up with that? Yes, you’re stylish, and I even like looking at the credits to see if something catches my eye that I might not have, but can you seriously call yourself a blogger if you’re just posting pictures? And I’m not talking about anyone in particular here, ladies, so retract the claws.”

    I realize that you did put the caveat in that you weren’t talking about anyone in particular. But perhaps you didn’t realize how hurtful your tone was? I wasn’t going to comment because Mariya and Adaire hit on most of the points I felt, but really I didn’t like comments saying how over-sensitive bloggers are.
    Yes, most of us probably are oversensitive. It is partly because even if you feel it isn’t blogging, putting anything out there for the sl community to pick apart is scary. When I started my blog I was terrified of being laughed at and even now there are days when I wonder if anyone still cares or reads even after a year and a half.
    I also do think you’re entitled to post what you want, but just because you can I’m not sure you should. Of course I am not a review blogger because I don’t feel that I could go out and rip someone’s hard work apart so maybe this is just my personality. Anyway I just wanted to add my 2 cents.

  29. Girls, girls, girls! I LIKE Look of the Day posts, really I do! I love to see how people can put together an outfit and how it inspired them to do so, and maybe they have something new I didn’t know about or think to wear a certain way. All I’m saying is that I wish there weren’t so MANY of them. Sai, Ketsy, and a few others, I like your blogs, and I always look at your flickr pics when you post them, so this is not a personal attack or anything against you. In fact, a few of you are even my friends in-world, and I value that! I’m just saying that the feeds, as a WHOLE are lacking something that I think they have the potential to be. Is a few words, other than SLurls too much to ask?

  30. oh, and Hethr, your blog I wouldn’t count as a LOOK OF THE DAY blog anyway, because I always love how you describe and explain your choices so well. In fact, I have your blog in my favourites and actually spent one day going back and reading old posts for things I might have missed.

    I really didn’t mean this to offend that many people, and I do stand by my opinions and I hope you guys respect me for that as I respect you for your right to defend yourselves.

  31. I’m not sure I’d classify as being offended. If anything I totally respect your opinion on this matter. I admire balls when I see them. 🙂

  32. Maybe I’m among the minority, but I mostly only read blog posts if they are:

    1. Posted by someone who is close/friend…or someone who shares my sense of style.
    2. Contain information on contests/events/etc that interest me.
    3. Are drama filled and have that ‘omg wtf’ kind of hype behind them.
    4. Are about me or my shop, because I’m rather vain.

    Other than that, I say to each their own!

  33. You go girl. I’d love to see actual critques on releases instead of boring brown nosing which I reckon stems from not wanting their free clothing supply cut off. Tired of rave reviews on crap designs. Even allowing for variations in taste and style, quite a few are.. no matter what.. crap. Tired of seeing things passed on as “fashion” that a noob shouldn’t even have to wear.

  34. I think you’re both wrong and right Kristi. A real fashionista blogger would match freebies with more expensive items and present a fabulous outfit. It’s all about the balance.

  35. Haha Dove, I think that’s actually what most of us do:P I can honestly say I flip through unread articles quite quickly and stop at the same things as you. I just wish there were more of those from point 1a – the sharing style thing. Also a very vain idea heheh.

    And huge cojones are always good. Well okay not always, no need to go waving a crowbar on the street to show off:P

  36. kristi, I think there’s a lot going on here and a lot of hurt feelings, but for someone who’s been around awhile, I understand exactly where you are coming from. When this feed first started, it was about reviews, and even look of the days….but the content just seemed different, the standard of quality higher. I scoured the blogs to find out about new things or even new and inventive ways to combine existing pieces I have. There were truly talented people with excellent photography and photoshop/paintshop skills with hi res pictures writing about the latest and greatest fashions.

    Now that interest has grown, there are more bloggers and just as with anything in life, there are the good, the bad and the mediocre. The question is how do we sift through it and what makes a “good” blog?

    First of all, Carissa Crimson has created the Fashion Feed of SL, hand picking blogs to appear on her syndication site. If find that has helped some.

    Second, I think there are certain standards that one might set for “good *fashion* blogging for the *fashion* feed:

    1. Clear sharp pictures where readers can SEE what is being featured; I’m not sure what’s wrong with some people’s images, but cluttered images, things that are stretched or too small, or even those funky pictures where the avatar looks jagged or fuzzy – these are not what one might consider quality.

    2. Explain what you are wearing – nothing more annoying than looking at a post and wondering where’d that skin come from? Lots of people do a great job at this!

    3. I think commentary is good when it is substantail. “I lub this” or “OMG it’s awesome” is nice, but doesn’t tell me WHY. Talking about the plusses and minuses in a factual way is just easier for the reader to relate to. For instance, seams don’t match up, textures are fuzzy, shadowing is rich and detailed, prims flow realistically – good specific feedback.

    4. While the occasional post about RL inevitably fall in the mix, blogs on a *fashion* feed should not be a platform for someone to continuously share personal business with the rest of the SL world. It’s fun to make the occasional announcement about a new baby or adorable new kitty, but I really don’t want to hear post after post of personal SL or RL drama. I’m here to read about fashion…as the name of the feed implies.

    Now I get that beauty and fashion is in the eye of the beholder, but I agree there is just some poor stuff – maybe just people who haven’t had a chance to refine their skills – that have made it on to the feed. I’m not sure what the answer is, many commenter are right in that we don’t have to look here anymore. Is it that someone creates an “ultra elite” feed with more stringent requirements? I certainly don’t have the ability, but sure would love to.

    Hehe, that’s just my 2 cents. I miss some of the fashion bloggers of old, no doubt.

  37. *waves from real life* have fun arguing 😀

  38. LMAO Dove hahahahha 😀 WOOT!

    HETHR i LOVE your blog:) Imma make a guestsubmission soon, i’m a frequent reader!

  39. I see the value in your post contributing to “the marketplace of ideas” and generating discussion. Some of your points were quite apropos, and I appreciated that.

    I think I made it clear that I didn’t appreciate your word choice when it came to “keep on for the newbies who need free crap.” And from reading the comments, I’m now apparently overly sensitive because I reacted to a post clearly designed to elicit a reaction.

    “I really didn’t mean this to offend that many people, and I do stand by my opinions and I hope you guys respect me for that as I respect you for your right to defend yourselves.”

    What this translates to is, “I didn’t mean to offend those of you who I think are cool (the “that many people” category, presumably), just those bloggers I wanted to put down, so I’ve ok’ed which ones of you are good with me in my comments. Those of you I don’t care for, respect my right to attack you, and feel free to defend yourselves, but I’m not sorry for devaluing your work.”

    I think that speaks for itself. I also think I’ll go back to my “no comment” policy and scroll on, and maybe clog up the feed a little more free crap for newbies.

  40. Adaire, I have a feeling that no matter what I write, unless it’s exactly what you want to hear, you’re going to take offense to it.

  41. No, that wouldn’t be reasonable on my part. You have to understand that my frustration comes from not only having to deal with getting chewed out by designers for not posting their stuff, readers who are mad a freebie isn’t still available, but now bloggers too? All I am trying to say is, “Here is what this sounds like to me. It’s hurtful, and here’s why. Please consider your audience when you are trying to make a point, and how it would be perceived by others.”

  42. Props, Kristi, on a well-written blog. I’m glad you distinguished reviewers from bloggers in this post. I do love blogs such as Baking Cupcakes, which is purely devoted to freebies and responsible for many a cute item in my sometimes-limited-budget wardrobe.

    That said, I do get weary of opening some of my favorite fashion bloggers’ pages and reading, “Oh wow, I logged on today and you will not BELIEVE the beautiful outfit that was waiting for me in my inventory. Here it is.”

    OK, we get it. You log in every morning to lots of lovely free clothes and party invitations. I log in to weird IMs from strange men who happened to see me somewhere on the grid the night before. Am I jealous? Sure! But do you have to rub it in? No! (laugh)

    We could argue this point from two angles (and I have to throw in that I’m an RL journalist who deals with similar issues in RL): 1. Does it affect the “reviewer’s” bias if the gorgeous outfit she/he received was a gift from the designer? or 2. Is it, in fact, an admirable ethical move for the blogger to reveal upfront that the outfit was free, just to put the review in context. At many an RL magazine I’ve worked for, we actually weren’t allowed to “review” free gifts because readers inevitably viewed our enthusiasm as being “bought.” We could showcase them, as in, “look what’s selling now,” but we couldn’t express opinions.

    Like you, free or not, I do wish some of the reviewers would cut back a little on the effusive “oohing” and “aahing” over the clothes, particularly the outfits they received as review copies. What happened to balance in journalism? A little constructive criticism would be appreciated by many of the readers, and you’re right, the designers also probably would relish it as well. After all, it can only help them improve their notable work.

    Wow, I wrote you a book. Sorry. 🙂


  43. And actually, I have to make a small correction to the RL reference in my comment: When we WERE allowed to review “free review copies,” the designers, artists, musicians, authors, etc. had to be prepared for the reality that they actually might NOT receive a stellar review. It’s a risk you take when you reach out to the media.

  44. I seem to be opening my mouth more and more lately, when I claim to not want to get involved in the drama…butttt… LOL

    I see a lot of pointing fingers, everyone getting on everyone else about their own opinions. How can we tell Kristi that everyone else’s blog is their own way to express themselves, and then be angry at her for expressing herself?

    She didn’t name anyone, and we all do what we like, which we should all be proud of.

    I assume that most are like me, and started blogging just for fun, more then likely without a *design* in mind for their blogs. These thigns grow and expand, and everyone does what they are comfortable with, and what they like. Which is as it should be.

    Not everyone has abundant time, or feels they have all the words to express themselves as others.

    I am happy with my blog, I think of it as my own form of expression, sometimes I talk too much, sometimes maybe not enough. But I am happy with it, and that is really all that matters, isn’t it?

    Anyway, my point is everyone has their own ideas and thoughts, I am not going to sit and tell you exactly what I choose to do, or how I do it, because most don’t care. AND I don’t think I owe anyone an explanation, neither do you….

  45. I fervently hope when I grow older that I don’t discourage newcomers with choruses of “Those Were the Days.” It’s a common phenomenon. Whether it’s trainers who constantly reference their history with SNCC harkening back to the 60’s or a fashion blogger wistfully recalling her heyday of a year ago – it’s an effort to displace and silence younger, newer voices.

    Kristi, you actually go farther than most. You flat out tell us we’re boring and you wish we would go away. Then you say you don’t mean to offend. Sorry, that’s not credible.

    I think Adaire DeCuir got it just right when she wrote: What this translates to is, “I didn’t mean to offend those of you who I think are cool (the “that many people” category, presumably), just those bloggers I wanted to put down, so I’ve ok’ed which ones of you are good with me in my comments. Those of you I don’t care for, respect my right to attack you, and feel free to defend yourselves, but I’m not sorry for devaluing your work.”

  46. Cajsa, I don’t wish anyone would go away, I just wish they would be more interesting! I’m sorry, I know that sounds harsh, but well, there it is. It’s my opinion, and I think I am entitled to it.

    As for only commenting on certain people, it’s not people I think “are cool” or “approve of”, it’s just that most of you are saying the same thing and I can only repeat myself so often, so I’m responding to a random few. To me it feels like those of you who are complaining are just doing so because I DIDN’T single you out. If you’re taking offense where none was intended, then I believe you will take offense to anything I say, so why add fuel to the fire? AND if you’re taking offense to the fact that you, for some odd reason, think I don’t approve of you or whatever, then you’re all just guilty of the self-importance you accuse me of having.

    You all say you usually just scroll by posts like these if you don’t like them. Well then, why are you all still commenting and analyzing my post like it was a personal attack against you? I don’t know how many times I can explain that I was talking about the Feeds as A WHOLE and not any specific people, AND THAT I LIKE LOOK OF THE DAYS AND FREEBIES, BUT JUST IN MODERATION. If you’re just ignoring me, or not believing me, well then, why are you still here? I’m not going to tell you what you want to hear, so I’m sorry. I don’t know what you’re getting out of this other than maybe carpal tunnel from all the typing?

  47. Perhaps you would do better to suggest more people comment on posts they like and/or dislike to give an indication to bloggers whats in demand. Just looking at a few blogs where people do comment, very few people can even agree on what that is and then bloggers have the balls to bust somebody’s case for an action of the feed itself i.e. moving some posts back to the top when the author responds to comments. As if being at the top of the feed has anything to do with anything whatsoever.

    I personally think this is quite a presumptuous post, and I don’t really see anything wrong with either looks of the day or freebie posts. In fact, my favorite blog EVER was from Milla who specialized in looks of the day and most of the people I know say something similar.

  48. I think Kristi choosed a bad title, should be “dear fashion feed bloggers”.
    And really as a reader I think any blogger can write what they want in their blogs the only problem I see is really, if you gonna post about ur kitty, ur boyfriend or you last travel, pls don’t inscribe in fashion feed.

    For all other I agree a lot with Claire.

    And then as a designer I appreciate more the bloggers that has the eggs to say the bad things, but off course a good critique, u can point the strong and week points of a design without being destructutive, I think lot of designers and really LOT of readers appreciates more a constructive critique.

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