An apology, of sorts.

Okay, normally I like to stick to my guns on my opinions, but I think I need to repost here. I have made my last post private since it seems to be causing more offense than was intended. What was meant as constructive criticism (and my sad attempt at wit) was taken as an attack against bloggers, which it wasn’t. I was simply stating my opinion, but clearly it struck a nerve with some people. For those of you had positive things to say, thanks for your support. For those of you who complained, got nasty, and felt the need to attack my character, well, congratulations, you win.

I am never one to get involved in drama if I can help it, so I will continue to blog what I have been blogging in the past; reviews, contests and events. Hopefully not too many of you hold grudges, because that would be a shame and not what I intended.

I do ask one question though…Why was everyone so sad to see the Mean Girls blog go when they always had worse things to say? And why is Shopping Cart Disco allowed to have an opinion, but I am not? Think about that.

Anyway, I’ve defended myself high and low and I think people are just refusing to see my side no matter what I say, so I’ve pretty much done all I can. Hopefully this will be the end of it and you will stop sending me hateful flickr mails and IMs. Let’s not take this all too seriously, girls, ok?

/offers olive branch

-Kristi Maurer

ps- And this is the last time I will say it, but I LIKE the Look of the Day posts, and all the freebie posts. I like finding to new ways to wear something or seeing something old that I might not have yet. And hey, free is better than paying, right? You guys misinterpreted my post, and for that I am sorry. And for those of you on my friends list who are those kind of bloggers, well, I hope theres no hard feelings, because really, I wasn’t attacking or bashing it. At least, thats not what I wanted to do.


~ by kristimaurer on August 28, 2008.

24 Responses to “An apology, of sorts.”

  1. I knew what you meant and didn’t take it personal at all 🙂 Shelbs ❤

  2. I only got to read part of it, as it was published on the feed and cut off.

    We’re all entitled to our opinions and personal tastes. I suppose it goes to show that when you have an opinion, as you encouraged bloggers to have, it can sometimes cause more harm or drama than intended.

    Everybody’s got a sore spot. 🙂

  3. I think you’re pretty cool!

  4. lol, thanks guys! Where were you 3 last night when I was getting nasty mail? LOL

  5. i really hate that they bullied you into taking the post down… i thought that it was actually very truthful and i don’t think it’s right that you should be sent nasty mail for speaking your mind on a subject. if we all felt the same way about something we’d all be boring robots.

  6. I still think everyone takes shit entirely too personal. :\

    I’d have said my piece, and left it at that, despite who may have bitched about it. Everyone has the right to say what they like, and screw anyone who doesn’t like it.

  7. I was there! *jumps up and down pointing and grinning*

  8. I really don’t think you should take your post down. We ALL have a right to our opinions. And “I” did take one part of your rant (smile here) seriously and have renamed my reviews into showcase reviews as it was never my intent to actually do a pro and con thing — so I personally give you points for that insight. I do make comments now and then, but mostly I simply like the showing of things. MY only big deal was your calling freebies “crap”. That was not good. I got lots of flack from a post I did five or so months ago and while I stand by my comments and did retract some of them even before the ** hit the fan, I learned from the experience. We all just do what we do. I can’t put in my real email address as wordpress wont take it. VERY odd.

  9. I am so sorry you had to go through all that crap…I was surprised to see some bloggers I have respected from afar taking this so personally and frankly showing their immaturity and/or large egos…reading things into the post that you never said. When ppl react so defensively makes you wonder…..

    I think most of us got what you were trying to say and to be honest I have lost all respect some of those who commented to the original post..I will be scrolling past their posts very quickly in future…no matter how much style they think they have or freebies they “showcase”!

  10. I am sorry to hear everyone is all over you about it Kristi, you are competely entitled to your opinion, and to say what you want.

    I think sometimes it is easy for everyone to forget there is a person behind the avie, maybe what you said was not worded in a way that everyone took it lightly, as it was intended.

    Give a girl a break?

  11. Wow, I’m so sorry to hear that you were bullied into suppressing your personal opinions, Kristi. I read the part of your post that was on the feeds, and while at first I was shocked, as I kept reading I realised that you were absolutely right about almost everything you said. And even the parts I didn’t agree with… well, don’t you guys have a 4th Ammendment or something that preserves your right to free speech?

    I suffered a similar attack about a blog post recently, though not nearly on such a large scale, and while I did take the post down in then end it was only after the complainer and I realised that it was all just a big misunderstanding. I struggle to figure out why people get so hung up on trying to find drama where there wasn’t meant to be any, when there’s so many pretty things to drool over on the internet! They need to stop and think of the shooooes! The shooooooes!

  12. oh Chic, I didn’t mean “crap” in a bad way! OMG, I didn’t even think of that! I meant it in a joking way like, um..”what’s all this crap”, or “oh crap”. It wasn’t in a “wow, that stuff is terrible shit!” way…It makes sense now, because I really couldn’t figure out why you were so upset.

    For the rest of you supporting me, I really really really appreciate it. I know I didn’t HAVE to take the post down, but I do have a business (my photography) in SL and I hope to continue to do it, so having people angry with me wouldn’t be very good. I do still stand by my opinions though, for those of you who got to read it.

  13. Kristi,
    I feel bad about my reaction yesterdaym and I wanted to thank you for contacting me on Flickr to explain, you are a sweetheart. I was having a rough day, someone hit me in a weak moment, and I took everything personally, it was not about you at all. The fact that anyone would take this in-world via IMs or Notecards, or Nasty emails is just mean. I never would deny anyone a right to an opinion, as for a retraction, or deny someone right to use their blog as they see fit. You just keep being you, that is what counts in the end.

    ~ Ketsy

  14. Ketsy, no worries, glad we got it all solved! *big hugs!*

  15. Kristi, stick with your opinion, you were very brave! It is a pity that what we sometime want to say could be misunderstood. Remember our discussion about, don’t bother about the contest? lol?
    I am really happy I met you because you have the eye and the courage to stay honest. If you don’t like it you say it. Some people see it as heathy criticism and the way to improve, some start to fight you, but it is inevitable. Hold on!

  16. I know I disagreed quite emphatically with the gist of what you’d said in your other post, and I still maintain that it’s no one’s place to police other people’s blog content (and, ostensibly, the fashion feed). Bloggers should feel free to post what they want, when they want and how they want.

    Same applies to you, of course. I’m really sorry to hear about the nasty mails and IMs you received, and I’m even sorrier to say that I don’t find it at all shocking (I’ve received my own fair share of evil nastygrams in the past when I’d posted about things like camp bots and skin ripping). But you should never feel like you have to censor yourself on what is basically your own forum! Don’t let these crazy no-life dictatorial yahoos tell you what you should or should not say on your own blog.

    P.s. I was not sorry to see the Mean Girls blog go the way of the dodo bird. Since you asked :p

  17. I honestly don’t see that you have anything to apologise for. Even if people disagreed with your post, it wasn’t aimed at any individual and you’re entitled to your opinion. I guess it’s just how some people are – you only have to say one thing they don’t like and the knives come out.

    You mentioned SCD and I think the comments section of that blog is a perfect example of how people are NOT allowed to share their opinions without risking being attacked by others.

  18. In conclusion thats so easy to IM or flickrmail for privacy, far from the scene^^
    I wouldnt have apologized for what you have done if it was me.
    Everyone can have his opinions, you and the other bloggers.
    Sneaked attacks just suck.

    My 2 cents…

  19. I’d echo many of the folks here and say you are absolutely entitled to your own opinion, and I was really disappointed to hear that you received hate mail and such. There’s never a good reason for that. I don’t think you’re any less entitled than SCD, and as you can see on any number of posts there, the bloggers are constantly ripped apart. I think that’s part of putting yourself out there as a blogger and no one is immune from it.

    After reading your response to Chic, perhaps I misunderstood you too. For that, please accept my apology. I did take it personally and I detailed why ad nauseum, but I’m happy to offer an olive branch right back if you didn’t mean it the way I took it.

    I look forward to reading your posts, and hopefully all of this will be worth it if it results in waking up the feed a little and prompting more diverse posts.

  20. While I may not have agreed with your original posting in particular, you are CERTAINLY entitled to your opinion and you should not be bullied or chided for it. For those who felt the need to lash out at you in IM or flickr mail, perhaps their time would be better spent at adding to or creating their own blogs, where they too may voice their opinion however they see fit. Chin up, Kristi 🙂

  21. I just think sometimes we don’t laugh enough. ❤

  22. Creamy wakes up….”did I miss something again ??” *faints* 😀

  23. Hey Kristi, I disagreed with you or at least disagreed with what I thought you were saying and felt it was kind of out of place for one blogger to tell another blogger what to blog. However, I never thought you should take your post down or privatize it. That would be very hypocritical of me since I think you should blog what you wanna blog! I’m very sorry that you were hit with a lot of nastymail. I believe very much in stating an opinion but trying to do so in a way that is not malicious and one thing I didn’t think at all was that you were being malicious in your view point.

    I can agree to disagree and perhaps I just misunderstood what you were driving at.

    I do think this, we all have something to offer and I think it is important to share what we have to share. I started blogging at the urging of some close friends who felt I had something to share even when I didn’t. I’ve been working hard on my posts to try to make them interesting, decently presented etc but my content will always largely be about what I wore that day or a new skin or new shoes or whatever. Stuff that I Like. It’s true some days I find the feed uninspiring but what I feel is that it’s because either we’re all shopping in the same stores (lol) or the designers aren’t presenting to us something new or we’re in a slump.

    For example, leading up to Hair Fair I have been missing more hair (Elika Tiramisu, I miss you) and obviously the designers were working on things and holding them back for the event.

    However, I think you can make a good pair of jeans and a tee interesting, depending on how you presented it.

    Anyway, I hope we can perhaps get to know each other better and I appreciate you taking the time to both share your opinions and also trying to correct possible misunderstandings. I think someone who does that pretty much rocks. 😉

    And as for SCD, personally I think it’s our very own equivalent to the Enquirer and I treat it as such 😛

  24. I’m sorry you had to make your post private. I’m a fan of many fashion bloggers — in fact, my inventory is jam-packed with many exquisite clothes thanks to them, and many of them are extremely helpful when I have questions — but I thought you had some valid points.

    God help me, I once offered some constructive criticism on a pair of Stiletto Moody shoes on my blog and got personally attacked, as in “You must be poor with no class” and “this blog blows,” by passerby commenters. (Ironically, Stiletto contacted me inworld and was quite gracious.)

    I wish we could all learn to disagree with intellect and/or (god forbid) a touch of humor, rather than escalating opinions into drama.

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