Twilight Gallery- September Exhibitions

The Twilight Gallery is an amazing and fascinating concept built and owned by Belmakor Pintens. Each month, on the second weekend of the month, the Gallery celebrates selected artists from around Second Life. The artists each have their own exhibit hall where they can display their best work for the entire month. This weekend is no different.

Tomorrow, September 13th at 1pm SLT, Twilight opens it’s doors once again to share with you the works of Adam Soler, Damon Varialle, Jordan Giant, Karobelz McMahon, Sylvester30 Mills, and yes, me, Kristi Maurer.

Yep, I’ll be exhibiting as well, and I’m soo nervous! I’ve snuck around and peeked at some of the other exhibits and wow, I am intimidated by all the amazing art the other artists have put up! I only hope I can compare.

So come down to the gallery, use the Teleport boards to see all the different exhibit halls and show your support for these amazing artists. And yeah, say hi to me too! 😛 Hope to see you there!

This SLURL will not work until the Gallery opens tomorrow.

-Kristi Maurer


~ by kristimaurer on September 12, 2008.

2 Responses to “Twilight Gallery- September Exhibitions”

  1. Kristi – Looking at your work, you have no reason to be intimidated. You’re quite a talent! – Morris

  2. oh thank you Morris! I hope you’ll stop by the gallery 🙂

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