Revolt Against Content Theft! JOIN SLPOSERS AND FILOS!

Content Theft is inexcusable, as a long time activist for the personal rights of SL Residents; I felt it was my obligation to address content theft in my own backyard. I was disappointed and personally bothered to know that right at FILOS under my nose and watch Content Theft was taking place. After, long deliberation and contemplation of how to handle this matter; I decided to approach SR3D Poses about the copying of so many of our beloved pose creators. He claims, he plans to make exact replicas of some of our favorite pose creators work and sell it for 1L. The creators are now taking every step to ensure that their work is safe. We ask you to please support us in our cause.

Content theft takes place each and everyday in SL. It’s something that will never stop. It will continue on and on, I ask as the posing community that you pass this on. Spread the word and
Please read to make your own personal judgment. I sent this note asking them nicely to leave FILOS and in return I received these harsh words back and him pressing on to leave mean notes the inworld groups.


I would like everyone to know that, I support my pose creators at FILOS 110%. Violation of thier work is very important to me. I would like to say that FILOS is a Content Theft FREE Sim and will continue to stay that way. Please, come by and get some poses and support the cause!

Thank you whole heartedly,
Aya Liotta, Kristi Maurer and Your Favorite Posers

Decide for Yourself……
Dear Sevanna and Ryz,
It has come to my attention that many of your poses bare a very strong resemblance to poses of other creators on FILOS and others throughout SL. I feel that there are far too many and the poses are far too similar to be a coincidence, with that and after much deliberation. I will have to ask you to remove your shop, SR3D from FILOS and I will refund the money that you have paid. I am sorry to have to do this, but I feel as though there is no other option. It is very important to me to know that I have original creators at FILOS. I hope you can understand and will remove your things as soon as possible. I do suggest that you review your products and consider removing many of them and revamping your line.
Thank you,
Aya Liotta
Owner of FILOS
— Instant message logging enabled —
[12:21] Ryz: omg omg ……thats a joke ….dont trust (name deleted to protect the individual)
[12:22] Ryz : the poses we made a all our creations!!
[12:22] Aya: I took the time to personally review them Ryz.
[12:22] Aya : It’ s to my discretion after goin to the filos shop and rezzing poses and goin to your shop and comparing I am sorry I just can’t have you here.
[12:23] Aya : The products are far to similar.
[12:23] Aya: as well as the manner in which you are presenting them.
[12:23] Ryz: lol ok give me my money back
[12:23] Ryz: thats a fucking joke
[12:24] Aya: As I said I would.
[12:24] Aya: Excuse me?
[12:24] Ryz: she copyed óur poses
[12:24] Aya: No ryz, its not just CnS its LOSTANGEL , TORRID, MEYA, LAP…
[12:24] Aya: its not just CnS
[12:25] Ryz: haha
[12:25] Ryz: wtf
[12:25] Aya: I dont want to have a massive blow out about this.
[12:25] Ryz: i never copied a pose !!!
[12:25] Aya: I am trying to handle this professionally.
[12:25] Ryz: i dont look in their stores and so maybe ´some are simelar
[12:25] Ryz: lol
[12:25] Ryz: and bye
[12:26] Aya: Would you like me to return your things.
[12:26] Aya: Or woul dyou like to come pick them up on your own?
[12:27] Ryz: uhm i just want to say fuck u and fuck all the other bitches and liar
[12:27] Aya: Excuse me?
[12:27] Aya: That is extremely disrespectful.
[12:27] Ryz: TRUST ME I NEVER COPIED A POSE !!!!!!
[12:27] Aya: I treatedyou with repect.
[12:28] Ryz: but soon i will copy them all and sell them for 1linden :))))))))))
[12:28] Ryz: hahahah
[12:28] Aya: That was completely uncalled for… and unprofessional.
[12:28] Aya: Really… I dont recommend that.
[12:28] Ryz: well
[12:28] Aya: DONT USE THAT AGAIN….
[12:28] Ryz: u are unprofessional!!!
[12:29] Ryz: how old r u?
[12:29] Aya: excuse me?
[12:29] Ryz: 18?
[12:29] Ryz: lol
[12:29] Ryz: u are just a joke nothing more
[12:30] Aya: Honestly, if you had nothing to hide Ryz you would never have behaved in this manner that is completely unaccepatable.
[12:30] Ryz: lol i dont have anything to hide !!!!!!
[12:31] Ryz: thats all
[12:31] Ryz: i told u the truth
[12:31] Ryz: u dont have to believe
[12:31] Ryz: i dont care about u and the other fuckers
[12:32] Aya: Thats nice, good luck speakin got other ppl in that manner I am sure that it will get you far.
[12:33] Ryz: is typing…
(At this point after the harassment, I muted him.)

Thank you for your support,
Aya Liotta
A Poser's Paradise
Owner of FILOS a Poser’s Paradise


~ by ayaliotta on September 14, 2008.


  1. […] agree that content theft is inexcusable, but inspiration is not content theft. Quotes lifted from Aya Liotta’s blog […]

  2. Personally, I think static poses are quite a gray area when it comes to content theft.
    You can get a photo from a fashion magazine and turn its pose into a SL pose, and you wouldn’t be stealing intelectual property, right? What if somebody else gets that same magazine and does the pose too? Should they invent an (impossible) way to find out if anybody else on the grid made the same pose? Please, let’s be realistic. Poses are very commonplace – I can buy a pose pack from Daz3d for Poser and turn it into an SL pose and sell it (as long as I don’t sell the .bvh file).
    If I draw (as illustration is my main work) a redhaired woman with green eyes and dark skin, should I go filing DMCA’s at people who draw redhaired women with green eyes and dark skin? It’s normal to have things similar, they’d be copying if they used a hack or something to steal your creations and sell them around, but if they did pose stuff using posing programs and such…
    I don’t know, it’s your right to not let them sell it in your land, but going around saying they’re thieves…
    But well, perhaps for the whole F wording and threatening to copy stuff after this. Not professional at all really. But I think we’re looking at plain lack of ethics, not theft, at least in my opinion.

  3. I just went to the store, perhaps they don’t carry the same poses that you’re referring to at their main store, or maybe they’ve been taken down. But I did not see any poses that reminded me of any of the stores you’ve mentioned.

    I mean there’s only so many ways to sit or hug someone. Maybe I just don’t own enough couple poses.

  4. I agree that it’s totally a grey area. But I also think he kind of removed all doubt.

  5. The way that conversation plays out, I see the “1L ‘threat'” as a sort of knee-jerk reaction to the accusation of copying.

    I’ve used RL images from a plethora of sources as references for my own poses, and I have recognized quite a few poses from other SL posemakers as exact replicas of poses from ad spreads from many big name fashion labels. I would hate for anyone to think I was “copying” another SL posemaker or vice versa when in fact, we had just drawn inspiration from the same photo or whatever.

  6. this is a rough grey area to me… personally i don’t even like people who import poser stuff into sl because it shows a lack of creativity on their part… but also i do understand that some people draw inspiration from photos and there’s always a chance of more than one person using that same photo (it’s the same as people who source for clothes/skins…) personally if you are going to sell a pose, i wouldn’t try to make it look like a photo, i would use the photo for inspiration but i would change some things to make it my own…

    the only part that really alerts me to a problem is this:

    “but soon i will copy them all and sell them for 1linden :))))))))))”

    that’s pretty much admitting they are going to do something wrong… and was very stupid on their part.

  7. […] Over the weekend, Aya Liotta of FILOS , a shopping center dedicated to pose content and stores, came out with a very strong posting on her Flickr sight regarding an accusation of copying and/or content theft by Ryz Uriza and Sevanna Carnell of SR3D poses. Aya indicates several pose creators have voiced their concerns about SR3D recently regarding their couple and group poses. In her posting she indicated that she has removed SR3D’s shop from FILOS due to these accusations. The full posting can be found also on Aya’s blog, Simply The Best. […]

  8. R says: “but soon i will copy them all and sell them for 1linden :))))))))))”

    I sort of read that as reaction to someone coming to him saying I have just accused, investigated and found you guilty of copying and now am executing sentence, you are evicted. You have no opportunity to present evidence or proffer a defense because it’s my court. IT’s immature and silly, but immature and silly is how many people react when treated unfairly and he was never offered an opportunity to proffer a defense. Don’t know if he had a defense or not – just from this I can see he was not given the opportunity to present one.

    Honestly? I am getting sick and tired of careless and rampant accusations of content theft. I am not a creator so I don’t have to worry about it, but look at what happened with Fresh Baked Goods? This seems like another example of rash and impulsive accusations run amok.

    Soon we will have the people screaming no one can make a pearl necklace because they made one. You can’t put a flip in those bangs, I put a flip in my bangs, you thief!!!!

    Green Eyeshadow!!!! I put green eyeshadow on my skin on 1/12/2005 and will DMCA your ass if you put green eyeshadow on your skin.

    That’s the kind of world you people are creating. IT’s insane.

  9. Thanks for posting this, it is disturbing to see more and more cases of paranoia that seriously affect anyone’s desire to create in SL. Not only does one have to worry about genuine content theft, but the flip side of being falsely accused.

    What was stolen? Unless the accused is reselling animation files made and uploaded by the accuser, the accused is not a thief. Stealing ideas, well there is nothing new under the sun. I can’t see how a human anatomy pose can be considered an original idea.

    It was good to finally see some profanity used by an accused person. I have seen alot of SL chat logs where there is very insincere politeness in an effort to be professional on a mostly unprofessional platform that is SL, and reposted unprofessionally on blogs. The more people that bite back the fingers pointed at them with false or overblown accusations the better.

    You set out to ruin a business’ reputation based on a weak claim of similarity, and rudely threw them off of your sim. You deserved the accused’s profane reaction, the “victim” is the accused.

  10. Hmm, I dunno about u all but I buy the poses I think are the most wellmade ones.. If you are good enough theres no need to worrie… And come on, make some new poses instead of making up some big sldrama out of nothing, customers rule, worrie about keeping them instead.

  11. This isn’t even a grey area like some people seem to think. This is clearly another witch hunt by retards in SL gone much too far.

    Unless he ripped your animation files he did nothing wrong whatsoever. What you describe here is NOT content theft.

    Thanks for making free publicity for his store. I never heard of it before, but will definitely check it out now.

  12. I have to give my 2 cents: how someone react to the accusation of being called a thief? I would be pissed off too! C’mon guys, as Gabrielle wrote above, there’s nothing new in the arena of using & re-using ideas. Just walk into a RL mall and you’ll see the same garbage in every other store.

    While I’m 100% against content theft, I’m so tired of shallow theft accusations popping here and there that just reading SL blogs is becoming a turn off. Why is SL becoming so ugly? 😦

  13. Kinda’ late replying, but I thought I might drop these two cents off-

    Perhaps a different reaction would have been gained if, instead of saying, “you have did x and now you must do y now”, it could have been presented along the lines of, “a and b look very alike, so I have some concerns; could we please talk more?” Unfortunately, the first reaction to seeing things that appear to be alike (and potentially are) is to defend and act immediately, which is more or less humor nature magnified by the growing awareness campaigns of content theft and the media surrounding it. However, it does cause doors to be slammed.

    From the typing (and I’ll admit, I’m not a writing analyst), English may not be Ryz’s first language, creating a natural vulnerability. Add on being accused of something amplifies the tension, and then you can receive very angry defensive reactions.

    Am I saying Ryz was right to act like that? On the contrary- as much as we should try to recognize how we are presenting things, we are also responsible for how we handle the presentation. Ryz could have said, “I really think there is a misunderstanding; can we please talk more and work this out?” Instead, threats were thrown back and escalated to harassment, which is uncalled for whether or not Ryz is innocent.

    As for copy-right infringement, there’s a whole lot of technicality in there that involves paper-work and the lovely world of bureaucracy. As such, I think it might be better to refer to this as a possible intellectual property infringement (and again, I’m no expert, so I could be wrong on my terminology). If something appears duplicated, even if it was created from scratch, then there is a problem. I think the best item to compare to poses with this is hair- there are a lot of hairstyles in SL, and many of them can look the same. Some have been tragically duplicated straight from the source, and others have been reversed engineered. They may have small differences, particularly with the second, but they are both infringing. This is also true for poses. But, just as hairstyles can look alike by coincidence, the same may also occur with poses.

    I am not sure where I stand on this issue; I am more concerned with Ryz’s reaction than the initial presentation of the matter, to be sure. Devil’s Advocate says that good people can do stupid things, though. Ultimately, I try to support creators that I have had the opportunity to meet and have shown me a ‘true-blue’ personality.

  14. you accused her without any proof and how the hell u steal an animation? Me too is getting sick of bloggers thinking they are the fashion police…YOU ARE NOT….just another KANGAROO COURT.

    Present the proof first. I would have done more than swear at you in the same situation. You really couldnt have expected them to react any other way could you given the lack of facts?

    Maybe you are right, but evidence first.

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