Cool Weather Casual

Well, if you live in the Northern Hemisphere you will have no doubt noticed that fall is officially in full swing. I mean, they even got snow in Toronto this week! Now I know, I know, SL doesn’t really have “weather” or “temperature”, but work with me here. I like to dress for my mood, and my mood is COLD.

Like as with every outfit, I like to start with one piece and build my outfit from there. Today I knew that I wanted a cozy sweater such as the one I was wearing in RL, and I knew in my inventory I had just the one. This is a sweater I picked up AGES ago from Nylon Outfitters, but you can wear any old sweater (The Sand and Surf Co. has some cute ones, as does iBizaare). Once I but the sweater on, the outfit kind of built itself from there. I just knew that if I was wearing this outfit in RL, I would be very very comfy, and really, that’s what matters, right?

Cool Weather Casual

This scarf was introduced to me by my closest SL friend, Gabrielle Sinatra, and it’s one of my favourites. It comes in a long and a short version and is colour and texture change. And doesn’t it look soo cozy? Combined with a warm hat and some cozy boots, I’m ready to play in some leaves!

Outfit Credits
Hair (and hat): “Jade” by Maitreya
Skin: “Jennifer” by Redgrave
Glasses: “arkos” by primOptic
Scarf: “:sey veshuddhi” by :sey
Sweater: “Big Button Knit w/ Tee” by Nylon Outfitters
Skirt (with leggings attached): “Fixed Corduroy Skirt and Leggings” by M&R Cupcakes (group gift)
Boots: “Heather” by ETD
Poses from Long Awkward Pose


~ by kristimaurer on October 24, 2008.

3 Responses to “Cool Weather Casual”

  1. Great one, I have that sweater too, love it!
    Really nice pics and great layering! YAY!

    ~ Ketsy

  2. SUPER CUTE! I wore a very similiar outfit yesterday, but today it’s wellies and a rain coat due to the weather. Do you do requests?? Rainy day please!

  3. Gorgeous outfit. I want all of it, in RL too. We shoud be able to transport things out of SL into RL to wear ourselves hehe.

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