Like watercolours in the rain…

Usually I build an outfit around how I feel, or around a certain piece that I want to wear (usually something new). The other day I posted about an outfit to wear in the colder weather and someone asked if I would do an outfit for a rainy day. And since I love to fill requests from people who ask nicely, this outfit was inspired by my friend Bibe who wants to know what to wear on those rainy fall days.

I couldn’t really decide whether I wanted a casual fun look, or a classier dressed-up look, so today, you get both!

First is an outfit that would be perfect for a walk in the rain, or some messy, fun puddle-jumping! (Come on, you know you did it as a kid!).  The first thing I had to do was find some fun rubber boots, or Wellies to most of you. I asked around on Plurk (sign up if you haven’t already! But be warned, it’s highly addictive) and was directed to tons of adorable options. Jeeper’s Creepers, Urban Bomb Unit and ETD all have great ones! I chose the red star ones from ETD cuz they were cute, bright, and a great price. I also knew I wanted an umbrella, so I could use those cool umbrella poses from Torridwear, so my fellow Plurkers shared some other great spots too, such as BP*, Shiny Things, and yes, even Torridwear.

After that, everything kind of fell together and I was ready to go splash in the rain!

(As always, click the pictures to enlarge them)

Outfit Credits


Umbrella- BP* (BettiePage Voyager)

Hair- Vasha by ETD

Scarf- Muffler by Ume Mode

Jacket- Duffel Coat by BP*

Tank- T-shirt Tank by Lala Foofoo

Jeans- Skinny Jeans by Torridwear

Boots- Rain Boots by ETD

Poses by Torridwear


The second outfit is for those nights out on the town when the rain is coming down but you still want to look fabulous. The best piece in this outfit is the new open trench coat from Aoharu. There are a gazillion different colours to choose from, but I went with my favourite, purple. I also recently got these boots from the Detour 50% off sale, so they were screaming to be worn! The rest of the outfit is just bits and pieces I already had, and you can mix and match your own. And rest assured that while you’re hopping from club to club, you’ll at least stay dry!

Outfit Credits


Hair (w/ hat)- Jade by Maitreya

Scarf- Stole by Emery

Jacket- SimpleTrenchCoat by Aoharu

Corset- Part of the Sexy Resie Witch Costume by Moxie Polano Haute Style.

Skirt- Classic Denim by Armidi

Boots- Mistress Boots by Detour

Poses by Persona


~ by kristimaurer on October 29, 2008.

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