Blogger/Plurker Challenge!

Recently, there was a discussion on Plurk (if you’re not on it yet, what are you waiting for?) about realistic looking avatars versus the Barbie lookalikes that seem so prolific on the grid. It got me thinking about what our avs would look like if we all tried to make them look like our real life selves. And THAT got me thinking about posing a challenge to all bloggers, and even non-bloggers if they wanted to participate. I want you to change your avatar to look as close to your real life self as possible. From the shape, the hair, right down to the clothes. Come on, it’ll be fun! I’ll go first, so it won’t be so painful. 🙂

First thing I did was change my shape…My regular shape in-world is sooo far from my RL shape that it’s funny. She’s tall and slim whereas in real life, I’m “curvy” and short (Curvy is my husband’s word, not mine :P). So I bit the bullet and changed my shape to match. I already had the hair in my inventory, since my av and myself have similar hair. And then I had to find clothes to match something I have in my RL closet, and that wasn’t too hard, since my av’s style is pretty close to how I would dress in RL if I had the linden balance that she does…:P

Anyway, here’s my result. Be gentle.




I don’t expect this challenge to be a popular one, because I know a lot of people are nervous about showing the “real” them, but that’s why it’s a challenge! I hope you will all participate and post your results either in your own blogs or in the comments of this one, and I can’t wait to see what you come up with. 🙂

Outfit Credit—

Hair- Jolie Femme

Skin- Belleza (not yet released)

Hoodie- Celestial Studios

T-Shirt- Armidi

Jeans- Zaara

Shoes- Armidi

note* I didn’t edit the photos too  much to truly show you how the av looks. Have fun!


~ by kristimaurer on November 7, 2008.

50 Responses to “Blogger/Plurker Challenge!”

  1. Awwwww!! You’re *both* lovely! 😀 My shape is actually only minimally tweaked from the one I spent 2 days making on OI before I hit the mainland and dressed her up in an appalling skin and hair for 2 months before I discovered the joys of shopping with more of a L$ balance than camping can get you!! I won’t be taking up your challenge, cos I don’t want to post RL me, but apart from SL being taller, we’re pretty much the same proportion-wise. Great idea tho, hope some less shy bloggers are willing to join in, be interesting to see!

  2. Wow, that looks great. I think you should keep it.

  3. Ohh I wanna give that a try…see how I turn

  4. Excellent idea! RL and SL you are both very pretty. I agree that not many people will take up the challenge, but overall I would prefer to see bloggers using more realistic avatars. Has anyone noticed how many bloggers look almost exactly the same these days? I swear there are quite a number I can’t tell apart unless I look at the name on the bottom of the post.

  5. agrees with Stephanie and starting to think seriously about the challenge…


  7. What a beautiful woman you are. That is why you were able to achieve this in your avatar.. she is quite beautiful herself. Very well done 🙂

  8. You are super cute! ^_^ And nice job on the av!

  9. […] post, just want to let the pictures mostly speak for themselves. I took up Kristi Mauerer’s challenge. It was hard, there are certain things the avatar just won’t do. In RL I have a very heart […]

  10. I did it!

  11. Oh and btw, I think you look gorgeous in all your lives, but you knew that already ❤

  12. I’m considering doing this, but I’m not suuure I will :X

    Stephanie: I’ve noticed that too.

  13. My current avatar is very un-barbie like. She’s very short, chubby, has medium boobs… And still very unlike me, as I am not Asian, am fairly tall and have broader shoulders and an hourglass shape (whereas I made my avatar pear-shaped).

    Just to point out that not all people who diverge from their RL selves go for the popular western ‘ideal’ shape! 😉

    I don’t know your regular av self, but I have to say this RL-style is very very pretty. 🙂

  14. You did a great job!!!!

  15. you did an awesome job, and you look beautiful! I probably won’t try to make my AV look like RL me (this is part of my fantasy, after all!) — but I’m totally on board with trying to find a more unique look that people can identify as “Nissa Nightfire” — just from the picture 🙂 [but I do like to play with different looks, too, from time to time] But, really great job, and an interesting topic to think about!

  16. Oh I’m on this as soon as I have a free moment! I’ve always wanted to do it now I have a reason!

    And you are goooorrrgeeeoussss!!!! xoxoxoxox

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  18. I didn’t see a trackback here but thanks: posted in mine:

    I love that you did this!!! You are so cute and omg jealous of your hair.

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  20. this was really HARD!!

    You’re adorable Kristi!

  21. You have beautiful eyes 🙂

  22. Put it back up...

    I put this up a while ago to sort of make a similar point about things. It is hard to use the SL interface to make shapes to your rl unless you are experienced with it, but my av is pretty much melded upon my rl although the sizing is scaled so that I can keep up with the amazonian women that plague sl.

    Great idea for a blog though I must say.

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  24. OMG i can’t believe i did it but you got me to it!:

    Love your real and ava you! fantastic challenge 😀

  25. I did it!

    The result is over at my blog 🙂

    You’re so gorgeous by the way, and my avvie is no where near as accurate as yours, but I did try! 🙂

  26. […] Maurer’s challenge, but it ended up looking kinda fun.  So here’s the original post on Simply The Best .   Many people have taken it up and done very well, and it kinda makes you wonder why we bother […]

  27. When I first arrived in SL in March I attempted to make my avi look very close to my real self. So, I tweaked the shape to reflect mine, bought some hair and put on clothes I’d wear in RL. All of this sans any imperfections though! Since then I’ve moved away from making my avi look so much like me in favor of playing around with skins, hair, and clothing.

    Therefore, after digging around in my inventory, here’s my attempt at the challenge:

    Thanks Kristi for a great way to spend some SL time!


  28. Wow, this was difficult and I still haven’t got it right! fun to do though!

  29. […] about being a child avatar, and exploring around SL. I’m currently trying a challenge I saw here to make my SL avatar look like RL me. Should be interesting, as I can’t remember what I look […]

  30. That was a lovely inniciative! I am loving to see all of you in *real* versions. So, I have to share:

    Kisses to all

  31. I notice that a lot of people participating in this are actually quite beautiful in RL. Which brings up the fundamental unfairness of this sort of challenge. You *could* have suggested people show some imagination and create wild and unusual avatars but instead you chose to emphasize being our “real” selves.

    Why try to break the oppressive conformity of the Barbie look by replacing it with the even more tyrannical imposition on our selves that physical reality dictates. The real challenge should be to make reality as wonderful and magical a reflection of our imaginations, not to succumb to it.

  32. Kess made me do it 😉
    Blogger/Plurker Challenge!

  33. Says thanks for sharing everyone they are fantastic. If I ever find the time I will do this (but it may be after this challenge has been and gone). I love the Flickr groups ‘Behind your Avatar – Real people from Secondlife’ ( and Vint’s ‘Spontaneously Me’ group ( but this is something a little different and lots of fun! Thanks again 🙂

  34. This is such a brilliant idea, you and your virtual you are gorgeous. Here’s one I made earlier -
    I once tried to give mself the same face shape etc and it was not pretty, but now i’m inspired to give it a bash again for fun.

  35. Always wanted to do this…. I used a mirror and had to give it a couple of tries. Funny how the skin, clothes and accesories are still so important to the look.

    Anyone tried going inworld with the look? I look like a human landing in a comic strip…..

  36. One thing my daughter said to me was how SL Avies (or SIMs which she plays) never look quite human. As a RL artist I know that no face is symetrical. It only appears that way. Each eye is different to the other, the mouth is not shaped the same left to right and the shapes are different. That is why it’s so hard for an artist to get an exact likeness and so many rely on photo’s. The face is facinatingly ( not a word, I know) complex.

  37. I had fun with this, used a mirror and tried to get all the bumps,
    lumps and uh age related stuff.

  38. I took the Challenge!

  39. I don’t think I did a very good job, but what the hell:

  40. […] origination of the idea comes from a Plurk post, and shortly after Kristi Maurer posted the challenge to her fellow Plurkers and […]

  41. Okay okay, enough with all the (sometimes scary) pics now. I am fed up with seeing those RL pics on every blog out there and prefer seeing virtual clothes and pretty things that people make. I’m sorry to say but I didn’t join a virtual world to see RL people all the time. I hope you all had fun now so we can just go back to the normal stuff. Thanks!

  42. Hello – I took the challenge too – easy cos I went on a victorian steampunk theme based on my avatar to a Halloween party (secretly I just like to dress like that anyway I was born 100 years too late)

  43. You did a great job! You’re quite attractive.

    Here’s mine.

  44. Now this really was fun! I didn’t have to do much to M0lly, she isn’t far off anyway… here it is for the brave.

  45. Here’s mine:

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  47. I’m pretty attached to both versions of me, so I didn’t really change one to match the other, but I did take the challenge:

    Through the Looking Glass

  48. Isn’t it funny how often our Avi’s reflect our RL look, be it in hair colour, style of dress, eye colour, height, wearing glasses… It seems to be different for each person but look hard enuff usually something that is a piece of the real us in our SL-self.

    here’s my one i did a while ago <a href=””<LINK

  49. oops – try this one

  50. […] i didn’t think i would ever do this but here i go LOL! Taking on Kristi’s challenge to make your avatar try to look as much as possible as your real self I asked my hubby […]

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