Tuli’s “new” Kalista skins :)

One of the very first skins I bought for myself in SL was an S5 Skin from Tuli. This was before I was a shameless shopping addict, so I wore this skin EVERYWHERE. It was classy, it was elegant and I loved it.

Since then, Tuli has been blowing me away with how much she improves with every release. She has taken those S5 skins, and I didn’t think it was possible, but she has made them better! By now we all know the details about how they came to be named, so I won’t bore you with the details.

I have said before that I’m not really doing reviews anymore on this blog, but I consider Tuli Asturias a friend of mine, and when a friend asks you so very nicely to review her new release, you agree! Besides, the skins are so well done that I couldn’t possibly have said no.

As I said, Tuli improves with each release, and these skins are proof of that. The shading on the body is perfect without being too over the top and fake looking. So many skins these days look “oily” and fake tanned, and Tuli pulls off the realism without falling into that territory.


I’m still in love with my Belleza Belle skins, and will continue to wear them regularly, but these have become my second favourite in my inventory. I’ve actually been wearing them for the past couple days because the makeup choices go perfectly with my latest outfit choices. Tuli has hit it out of the park with the variety of makeups and looks. There’s punk rock makeup, the famous lace, some smokey eyes, and even a makeup to look like you’ve been in a fight! Tuli thinks of everything! Here are some of my favourites:



Just a note: Yes, I am an SL photographer, but when I review skins and clothes, I don’t edit the photos much so that I can show you exactly how the item would look in world. 🙂




Also, as an SL Photographer, I love photographing Tuli’s skins, because with the right shape, Tuli’s skins look very realistic and require little to no editing in Photoshop, and there aren’t a lot of skins in SL you can say that about. 🙂 Here’s a quick portrait I did wearing the Kalista Tan 01 Skin.


The skins come in 3 tones, Light, Medium and Tan, and Tuli even has some corresponding shapes available in store. I always look forward to anything Tuli releases, and if this release is any indication of the quality and improvement we can expect to come from Tuli, I definitely can’t wait to see what she comes up with next!


~ by kristimaurer on December 22, 2008.

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