It’s summer somewhere…

Recently someone asked on Plurk how many pictures of “snow bunnies” and “snow queens” we were going to see before the season was over, and it got me to thinking. It’s not winter everywhere in the world. There are people over in Australia, the Phillipines, New Zealand, etc, and even Florida here in North America who have sunny, hot weather this time of year! Where’s the love for them? So I decided to put together a hot weather casual outfit for those of you who are getting tired of seeing big sweaters, touques (winter hats, for the non-canadians), and boots.


And hey, those of us in the Great White Northern Hemisphere can get some ideas for when the weather does get warmer! And you know, in SL, it’s always sunny somewhere.

Outfit Credits


Hair- Alyssa by ETD

Bikini- Alexa by artilleri

Sweatshirt and sunglasses- Part of the Open Parka outfit from BareRose.

Shorts- Jean Shorts by M&R Cupcakes

Sandals- Naima by Fuel

Bracelets by Zaara and eLDee.

Bag- Vinyl Bag in pink by +Spica+

Poses by Reel Expression


~ by kristimaurer on December 23, 2008.

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