I’ve got it in the bag…

We’ve all heard about the fun little challenge issued by Iris Seale over at Shopping Cart Disco by now, so I’ll just get right to it. Some of you are saying this challenge is a little silly, but I actually found it quite fun! And it gave me the opportunity to clean out my purse…

(clicking here will take you to my flickr where you can see the photo larger)

1. My cat, Jack. No, he was not in the purse, but he was really interested in all the things that were!

2. Guess? Bag. I’ve had this for over a year now and I love it. I keep meaning to get a new one, but I just like this one so much.

3. Matching wallet, full of cards and ID, but sadly no money.

4. Receipt from a toll booth from somewhere in Nova Scotia…got this sometime back in May.

5. Copy of  my Marriage Certificate and Birth Certificate for when I cross the border. My passport has my maiden name on it, and sometimes they ask how I know my husband…

6.  Gift card from Sears with about 7 dollars left on it.

7. Motion sickness pills, prescription pain pills and prescription dizzyness pills. (Yes, I’m sick)

8. $2.10. Yes, that’s what a Canadian 2 dollar coin looks like.

9. Vicks inhaler, for a stuffy nose. A really old Covergirl lipgloss, but I love it so I can’t give it up. Burt’s Bee’s Lip Balm, that makes my lips all tingly, and Blistex lip balm, because my lips are always insanely dry feeling.

10. Immodium. I have no idea why this is even in there, because I hate the stuff. It might have been in there for my husband…

11. Hand cream. Always have to have some on hand for whenever I wash my hands, because they always feel so dry. Although my husband uses it more than I do…

12. Gum, more motion sickness pills, more pain pills, and throat lozenges.

13.  2 pens. This one is quite obvious.

14. Crystal Light, which is a sugar-free, calorie free flavouring that you put in water to make it taste better. This is the raspberry kind that I love. Also, Mentos, cuz they’re the freshmaker! 😛

15. A Pad and a tampon, because come on girls, it happens to the best of us, and we gotta be prepared!

16. A claw hair clip that I’m surprised still has all it’s teeth, since they break off so easy…And a hair elastic that my cat tried to steal 3 times while I took this picture.

17. Appointment reminder slips from the doctor and the dentist.

18. New toothbrush and dental floss from a recent trip to the dentist. (Well recent in that it was in October..) Oh, and some kleenex tissue.

19. Halls throat lozenges, which I’m pretty sure are just a Canadian thing, but should be worldwide because they are AWESOME.

20. A prescription that I haven’t filled yet.

21. A receipt from my local library for 3 books.

22. My keys to my car, buddha and fleur-de-lis keychains, keys to my house and my in-laws house (aren’t the keys cute, they’re printed!) and my roadside assistance and Shell Gas tags.

23. A program from a Memorial Service for a little boy I knew that died. Sad, I know. RIP Kyle.

24. A granola bar that my grandmother threw in there back in May because she was concerned I wasn’t going to get anything to eat on the plane.

25. A pay stub from my last job. I hated that place…

26. BC Ferries ferry tickets. I used to take a ferry to school in Vancouver every day and I have all these tickets left over. These are not cheap, so I don’t want to lose them.

27.  A notepad stolen from a hotel in Prince Edward Island. Has the name of a book I want to read on it.

28. Compact mirror, for touching up my makeup or checking my teeth for green things. 😛

Conclusion? I have waaay too much shit in my purse.


~ by kristimaurer on December 28, 2008.

4 Responses to “I’ve got it in the bag…”

  1. We have Halls in the UK. For which I and my throat are eternally grateful.

  2. I thought hotel pens are supposed to be taken with you, as well as hotel soap?

  3. We have Halls in the United States, as well. Good stuff. I like the honey ones!

  4. I know I found this a month later but, I give your bag the prize (If there were one) because this is the most fun to go through of them all! Funny how so much of it tells a little story about something. Thanks for sharing, it was fun to dig through your bag lol.

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