Blogger/Plurker Challenge!

•November 7, 2008 • 50 Comments

Recently, there was a discussion on Plurk (if you’re not on it yet, what are you waiting for?) about realistic looking avatars versus the Barbie lookalikes that seem so prolific on the grid. It got me thinking about what our avs would look like if we all tried to make them look like our real life selves. And THAT got me thinking about posing a challenge to all bloggers, and even non-bloggers if they wanted to participate. I want you to change your avatar to look as close to your real life self as possible. From the shape, the hair, right down to the clothes. Come on, it’ll be fun! I’ll go first, so it won’t be so painful. 🙂

First thing I did was change my shape…My regular shape in-world is sooo far from my RL shape that it’s funny. She’s tall and slim whereas in real life, I’m “curvy” and short (Curvy is my husband’s word, not mine :P). So I bit the bullet and changed my shape to match. I already had the hair in my inventory, since my av and myself have similar hair. And then I had to find clothes to match something I have in my RL closet, and that wasn’t too hard, since my av’s style is pretty close to how I would dress in RL if I had the linden balance that she does…:P

Anyway, here’s my result. Be gentle.




I don’t expect this challenge to be a popular one, because I know a lot of people are nervous about showing the “real” them, but that’s why it’s a challenge! I hope you will all participate and post your results either in your own blogs or in the comments of this one, and I can’t wait to see what you come up with. 🙂

Outfit Credit—

Hair- Jolie Femme

Skin- Belleza (not yet released)

Hoodie- Celestial Studios

T-Shirt- Armidi

Jeans- Zaara

Shoes- Armidi

note* I didn’t edit the photos too  much to truly show you how the av looks. Have fun!


Like watercolours in the rain…

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Usually I build an outfit around how I feel, or around a certain piece that I want to wear (usually something new). The other day I posted about an outfit to wear in the colder weather and someone asked if I would do an outfit for a rainy day. And since I love to fill requests from people who ask nicely, this outfit was inspired by my friend Bibe who wants to know what to wear on those rainy fall days.

I couldn’t really decide whether I wanted a casual fun look, or a classier dressed-up look, so today, you get both!

First is an outfit that would be perfect for a walk in the rain, or some messy, fun puddle-jumping! (Come on, you know you did it as a kid!).  The first thing I had to do was find some fun rubber boots, or Wellies to most of you. I asked around on Plurk (sign up if you haven’t already! But be warned, it’s highly addictive) and was directed to tons of adorable options. Jeeper’s Creepers, Urban Bomb Unit and ETD all have great ones! I chose the red star ones from ETD cuz they were cute, bright, and a great price. I also knew I wanted an umbrella, so I could use those cool umbrella poses from Torridwear, so my fellow Plurkers shared some other great spots too, such as BP*, Shiny Things, and yes, even Torridwear.

After that, everything kind of fell together and I was ready to go splash in the rain!

(As always, click the pictures to enlarge them)

Outfit Credits


Umbrella- BP* (BettiePage Voyager)

Hair- Vasha by ETD

Scarf- Muffler by Ume Mode

Jacket- Duffel Coat by BP*

Tank- T-shirt Tank by Lala Foofoo

Jeans- Skinny Jeans by Torridwear

Boots- Rain Boots by ETD

Poses by Torridwear


The second outfit is for those nights out on the town when the rain is coming down but you still want to look fabulous. The best piece in this outfit is the new open trench coat from Aoharu. There are a gazillion different colours to choose from, but I went with my favourite, purple. I also recently got these boots from the Detour 50% off sale, so they were screaming to be worn! The rest of the outfit is just bits and pieces I already had, and you can mix and match your own. And rest assured that while you’re hopping from club to club, you’ll at least stay dry!

Outfit Credits


Hair (w/ hat)- Jade by Maitreya

Scarf- Stole by Emery

Jacket- SimpleTrenchCoat by Aoharu

Corset- Part of the Sexy Resie Witch Costume by Moxie Polano Haute Style.

Skirt- Classic Denim by Armidi

Boots- Mistress Boots by Detour

Poses by Persona

Take back the city…

•October 27, 2008 • 5 Comments

Lately, I’ve noticed a sort of trend with our men in SL wearing female hair. I thought, hmm, if they can pull that off, why can’t more women pull off men’s hair? I mean, a lot of those short cuts can be pretty fierce with the right outfit! So I bought some men’s hair from Armidi (where I happened to be at the time this thought came up) and thus this outfit was born.

Ever since I saw the movie Mamma Mia, I’ve been looking for a cool pair of overalls for my av to wear. I saw a notice this week that said Pink Outfitters had some new ones so I rushed right over to check them out. They were perfect and I couldn’t wait to wear them. I also saw that FNKY! was having a 50% off sale so I picked up some new glasses to complete the look. The overalls came with a plain white tank top, but I wanted something that matched, so I dug into my inventory. Lala FooFoo has a great fatpack of plain tanks for a really cheap price (like 200L or something!). Throw on a pair of heels and some cute accessories and you’re ready to hit the clubs! And hey, doesn’t this men’s hair look chic on me?

Also, 10 pts to whoever can guess which city that is in the background. 😀

As always, click on the pics to enlarge them. 🙂

Outfit Credits
Hair: The Siren by Armidi
Skin: Jennifer by Redgrave
Glasses: Lune by FNKY!
Scarf: Afghan Stole by Aoharu
Necklace & Earrings: Chakra Boho Beads by Earthtones (now known as (luc))
Bracelets: Resin Bangles by [VG Republic]
Top: Lala T-shirt Tank by Lala FooFoo
Overalls: The Builder Jumpsuit by Pink Outfitters
Shoes: Stilletos by Royal Republic (no longer available, but Juicy has some similar)
Poses from Tuli and AnaLu

Let’s get naked! Or close to it…

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With all those SL parties out there requiring you to look as fashionable as possible, getting dressed for an event is stressful! Well, I have a solution for you: DON’T GET DRESSED.

That’s right folks, it’s my rezz day and the Strawberry Fields Cafe is having a Lingerie Party!

Lingerie Party

There’s no prizes, no games, just an awesome DJ (Summer Deadlight!) and some scantily clad folks! Everyone is invited, but we’ve implemented a rule: If you show up fully clothed, you will be ejected and required to get NAKED before you can come back. 😀 Aren’t our rules fun? lol That goes for the men too! (bring your cameras, folks! lol)

So dig into the underwear drawer and find something clean and hopefully we’ll see you tonight, Friday October 24th at 7PM SLT at the Strawberry Fields Cafe!

Cool Weather Casual

•October 24, 2008 • 3 Comments

Well, if you live in the Northern Hemisphere you will have no doubt noticed that fall is officially in full swing. I mean, they even got snow in Toronto this week! Now I know, I know, SL doesn’t really have “weather” or “temperature”, but work with me here. I like to dress for my mood, and my mood is COLD.

Like as with every outfit, I like to start with one piece and build my outfit from there. Today I knew that I wanted a cozy sweater such as the one I was wearing in RL, and I knew in my inventory I had just the one. This is a sweater I picked up AGES ago from Nylon Outfitters, but you can wear any old sweater (The Sand and Surf Co. has some cute ones, as does iBizaare). Once I but the sweater on, the outfit kind of built itself from there. I just knew that if I was wearing this outfit in RL, I would be very very comfy, and really, that’s what matters, right?

Cool Weather Casual

This scarf was introduced to me by my closest SL friend, Gabrielle Sinatra, and it’s one of my favourites. It comes in a long and a short version and is colour and texture change. And doesn’t it look soo cozy? Combined with a warm hat and some cozy boots, I’m ready to play in some leaves!

Outfit Credits
Hair (and hat): “Jade” by Maitreya
Skin: “Jennifer” by Redgrave
Glasses: “arkos” by primOptic
Scarf: “:sey veshuddhi” by :sey
Sweater: “Big Button Knit w/ Tee” by Nylon Outfitters
Skirt (with leggings attached): “Fixed Corduroy Skirt and Leggings” by M&R Cupcakes (group gift)
Boots: “Heather” by ETD
Poses from Long Awkward Pose

Taking this blog in a new direction…and eating some crow.

•October 21, 2008 • 3 Comments

Well, it’s been a while since I actually sat down and blogged something and I’ve been quite unmotivated to do so. I’ve been thinking for a while about what I want to do with this blog that would interest you to read it and me to actually write it. And in doing so, I’ve deduced what interests both you and I is pictures. Pretty, pretty pictures. Don’t deny it, you know it’s true.

Now, I read pretty much all of the fashion blogs, and I like to consider myself a pretty fashionable person. I like to think that I know how to put an outfit together and look somewhat decent. So I’ve decided to share that knowledge with the rest of you.

Now, I know there are already a ton of Look of the Day posts out there, and I know that some of you read a past post on this blog that may have alluded to me being sick of them, but I just have to say, that’s not true. I love those posts because they help me and many others to find little pieces that we may have not been able to find ourselves, or to find a store we may not have heard of otherwise. I love the looks that people like Sofia Gray, Mariya Nesiote, Jhusen Ketsugo, Grazia Horowitz, Uma Ceawlin, and many others come up with. They are doing a service for us and I blame them for my unhealthy shopping addiction. (Plus, they’re sweet girls, so there’s that too. :P)

Anyway, that being said, this is not going to become a Look of the Day blog. I think it will be more of just a “Look” blog. I know for a fact I won’t be blogging every day anyway, and will mainly just be posting when I think something needs to be shared.

So, without further jibber-jabber, I give you the first outfit.


When I get dressed for the day, I usually start with one item and build an outfit around it, or I think of a look I want to achieve and go for it. Today I knew I wanted something kind of “rocker chic”, but not too hardcore and I wanted to wear my Ribbon Boots from Shiny things. Thus, my outfit was started.

One of the more fun shopping experiences to have, if you can brave the lag, is to dig through the piles and piles of outfits at BareRose and find fun little pieces to mix and match. The jacket I’m wearing is from the Nora outfit and I wouldn’t even have thought to wear it if I hadn’t seen someone else blog it a few days ago. Combined with some jeans and a bright top (mine are from Zaara and Armidi, respectively, but you can wear some from anywhere, that’s YOUR prerogative) and some crazy hair and you’re ready for a concert! And I actually did wear this to TWO live shows yesterday, so there you go.

Outfit Credits:
Hair- “Resilient” from ETD
Skin- “Ariel Natural” from Beauty Avatar
Jacket- Part of the “Nora” outfit from Barerose HQ
Top- “Hoja” top from Armidi
Belt- “Love Belt” from {Kari}
Jeans- “Classic Jeans” from Zaara
Boots- “Ribbon Boots” from Shiny Things (with colour change laces)
Poses from Long Awkward Pose


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This afternoon at 1pm SLT, we’re having a flashback to the 80’s party! Some of you still remember the 80’s, right?

Here’s a list of the events:

2000L goes to the best 80’s outfit, male OR female!

-Name That Tune, 50L for the first correct answer. We’ll be playing for 3 hours, so you could win big if you know your 80’s music!

– The Winners of our 80’s themed photo contest will be announced!

-DJ DHANI ELLA will be playing only the hits from the 80’s, so we’ll be dancing the afternoon away!

Sojurn Rossini will be doing a SPECIAL 80’s and 90’s themed LIVE SHOW for us at 12 pm, just before the party!

So whether you’re Like a Virgin, or Walking Like an Egyptian, you’re not going to want to miss this party! Join us, TODAY, Saturday October 4th, at the Strawberry Fields Cafe!

-Kristi Maurer